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    There is not only FTB, just to let you know. There are certain Mods out there which "get rid of unnecessary stuff". Even though I dont know what unnecessary is, because I changed all the Stuff, because it was necessary. That Mod has been linked on this Thread multiple times, and is pretty popular by people, who like being creative.

    Of course there is more than just FTB. I limited it so you don't try to pull out "Joe's Server" with their private four line mod that removes the recipe for lightning rods because its OP. But its clear there isn't one, and the last few days was the example of your reaction when it actually happens.

    There are many Mods out there which modify my Stuff

    Name one in FTB. Just one. Any one.

    I'm sure some random private-server-only mod does, but there's absolutely no mod in wide usage that "modifies your 'stuff''" even with the ultra wide definition of what's yours that you use. The last few days have been the result of the first example of it ever happening.

    Silly Question. Bees are Too Easy!

    Of course, so is ...well, all the mods on that list. Except the LightBringer, The All Holy, GregTech

    You know, there's not much difference between a TF Hollow Hill and a 3 or 4x Dense Ores mystcraft age.

    It's actually a really great idea from Slowpoke. There are a few mods that don't fit with Greg's 'vision' of Minecraft. This includes DartCraft, Twilight Forest and Tinkers' Construct. I hate to think it, but maybe Thaumcraft and MystCraft fit too. I have to admit though, MystCraft is GREAT for a lag-free base or power production area to chunkload.
    As I understand, Greg has a base in the TF because of overworld lag.

    Mods that "don't fit with GT": Appeng, Buildcraft, Computercraft, DartCraft, EE3, Enderstorage, Extrautils, Factorization, Forestry, Gravity Gun, Iron Chest, MineFactoryReloaded, Modularpowersuits, Omnitools, Portalgun, Railcraft, Steves Carts, Thermal Expansion, Thaumcraft, TwilightForest

    With so few mods left, you won't even notice how slow GT loads!

    geGreg = config.get("Difficulty Changes", "Remove Vanilla GregTech Nerfs", true).getBoolean(true);

    That config option appears to be properly documentated for what it does and the setting is respected in the code.

    Were it a GregTech config it would have been setting "foobarspankingmoneky" be an integer, and only when the setting is 33843 would it actually turn off.

    Although, I do agree that he should have added a config to alter the centrifuge recipe for whatever bronze standard you prefer.

    Note here however, that such a config used to exist, and you will find that it works in 3.06b (available from FTB download). I have no idea exactly when it was removed. As I recall, the centrifuge also adapted to that config setting so no "exploit" was even possible until it was removed.

    AFAIK you can still craft bronze out of ingots with gregtech and forestry installed, Greg only changes the amount of bronze you get from crafting from 4 to 2, this was to fix an exploit that regarded making bronze using forestry's recipe them macerating the bronze and centrifuging the dusts to duplicate copper and tin.

    Well yes, changing the amount outputted is done by deleting the recipe and adding a new one. This should be obvious for no other reason than it moves from the standard Forge handler, to the IC2 crafting handler.

    As for the centrifuge, that's a GregTech created situation and not relevant to the fact that the complaint against Tinker's Construct is that it didn't respect GregTech's config, and now is redundant with its own config.

    Come'on, keep the excuses coming! Hypocrisy feeds me.

    @DrOr I dont agree with the inability to unnerf the forestry change for the record.

    With the nerf in place its quite possible to build every machine in the forestry list with ~32 Tin ore and ~96 Copper ore.

    Not particularly relevant. The complaint against Tinker's Construct was that the config option / wood un-nerf is superfluous because GregTech has its own config controlling it.

    This is the same situation, reversed, with GregTech removing recipes that have associated config options without respecting those config options.

    The why's, hows, and results of that recipe removal change nothing. It's being removed, without respecting the config.

    IC² had the standard bronze, before forestry coming in with his, greg just followed it.
    Forestry just got user preference over IC² because it was a "buff", if compared to IC².

    IC2 recipe is dust based, handled by the IC2 recipe handler and with only Forestry and IC2 installed, still exists in the game. (i.e., it's not being replaced by Forestry)

    Forestry has a config controlled recipe added to the standard Forge recipe handler. Thus, by your own personal complaint against Tinker's Construct, there is no reason to affect this recipe in the game. This is beside the point of "user preference" or anything similar.

    Forestry worktable gives the modified 3+1=4 version of bronze. All others use the default IC2 original bronze ratios.
    Forestry changes IC2 bronze output, it only wasn't a problem for people because it was a buff

    Forestry adds a recipe to the standard Forge recipe handler, with a config file option.
    GregTech removes the Forestry recipe from the standard Forge recipe handler without a config, and without respecting Forestry's config.

    I can keep this up all night, just keep making empty excuses.

    Use ME interface or other automation methods ?
    Keep a table around the workshop, if you prefer the 3+1 = 4 ?

    The worktable is a manual crafting table, not an automated one. And none of your suggestions changes the fact that GregTech changes the forestry bronze output, without a config, and without respecting Forestry's config.

    4 Bronze is obtainable in forestry worktable via 3copper 1tin.
    I personally don't like using forestry's recipes as they change IC2's original bronze recipe.

    Granted, but that is not a crafting recipe for bronze, that is the fact that the work table ignores the crafting recipe for bronze and can be considered a work around to the fact that GregTech changes the forestry bronze crafting without respecting the forestry bronze config.

    When needing bronze in a standard crafting situation - like during AE auto crafting - that recipe is not available.

    nd crafting.

    [Forestry bronze amount can be modified using forestry and GT configs together]
    There are some vanilla recipes that got changed, all can be turned off, including the wood one that started all this pointless war.
    There are IC² recipes that got changed, all can be turned off, if you like CreativeIndustrialCraft².

    Nope, the code is 2 or 1 for bronze, after removing the previously existing recipe.

    This is trivial to look at or test, so trivial I question why you would lie about it.

    I don't know why anti-wood nerf code by your part is even required, if users can turn the GT wood nerf off within GT config.

    Probably the same reason GT needs to touch bronze, even though users can turn Forestry bronze off with Forestry config.

    Oh, but of course there's no equivalent config in GT.

    It has a config to turn the bronze off entirely. Far from same thing.

    Not relevant. GregTech is changing a recipe that has a configuration option controlling it, without respecting that configuration option.

    Exactly, and I mean exactly the complaint levied against Tinker's Construct and the foundation of the silly "hacking" claim that led to GregTech intentionally crashing the Minecraft loading sequence.

    Name a single thing greg override that had a config option to get the same result. Can you? If not then you are not understanding the basic issue here.

    I'm shocked you were able to type that question without the universe simply giving you a stroke for karmic reasons.

    Bronze. Forestry has a config for its bronze, and if it's "hacking GregTech" to add a 1 wood = 4 planks recipe, then it's certainly "hacking Forestry" to remove a recipe that has a config option to control it. As such, Forestry would be in its "Greg defined rights" to cause minecraft to crash anytime the two mods co-exist.