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    HV Transformer accepts up to 8k EU, the fursion reactor outputts 32k EU/t in 1000000 packet bursts, requiring 4 supercondensators to harnes the power.

    So does that mean the reactor only sends out a packet every....1.5 seconds? Or is there an extra zero in there? So probably every 4 ticks, right? Either way, that means the condensators get presented with a size 100,000 packet 5 times a second. They each take 8 k, and now I'm confused again. Unless the superconducting wire stores some power, and "spreads" it out a bit, like golden conductive pipes with mj. So the condensators can output every tick, even though there is no packet coming from the reactor on that tick.

    I feel like I'm studying for an exam here. :)

    Ah, that explains a lot. Thanks. Incidentally, to the other poster, you can't attach things to more than one side of the superconductor for output, because it only outputs through the one dot side. It's sort of the reverse of the other transformers.

    If the HV transformer is accepting an 8192-eu packet, putting out 4 512s, and discarding the rest, than that explains it. But what happens to the rest of the eu? Does it only send a 2048-eu packet to the hv transformer, or does it send the whole thing and 6144 eu is lost? the supercondensator doesn't act like the other transformers? Good to know. But why does a high-voltage transformer work? It should only be able to handle 2048, not 8192. Anywhere an HV transformer works, shouldn't an AESU also be safe? They both accept 2048 packets....right?

    If this doesn't belong in this thread, could you let me know where to go? Anyway, I set up a fusion reactor, filled it with energy, then hooked up some superconductivewire to verify that my setup worked before I turned the reactor on. My understanding - and hopefully someone can correct me here - is that the wire carries packets of whatever size, which in this case would be 100,000, right? Nothing can take that much except for supercondensators, which output 8192/t, and I don't know what the packet size is. By analogy with the other transformers, it would be 4 packets of 2048, which is what I assumed. However, hooking up my AESU led to an immediate explosion. I can deal with the loss of the AESU, but I want to understand where I went wrong. In a creative world, I checked the three 2048-accepting gregtech machines(chargeomat, aesu, idsu) and none can take the output of a supercondensator. A matter fab can, but it excepts up to 8192, which is theoretically 4 times the packet size output by the supercondensator. I can also hook up an hv-transformer, which does what I would expect it to - it takes a size 2048 packet and outputs 4 512 eu packets. I can hook up an AESU to that safely, but it sort of defeats the purpose, since at that point I could also hook up a much cheaper MFSU. I thought maybe the AESU etc. were improperly labeled, and can only take 512 eu packets. I hooked up one AESU to another with the output at 2048, and that worked fine. So I don't know how to make sense of all of this. The only thing that fits is that the machines can only take 512 eu packets, AND the AESU outputs its power as 512eu packets, not the whole 2048. Can anyone help me? I can always throw in extra HV transformers, but I want to understand where I'm going wrong so I don't waste energy in my setup. Thanks!