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    I have some questions about concrete.
    First - In previous versions of Gregtech concrete can be put in spray cans wich was very handy and usefull, but now we have to use crude ic devices. Will the concrete filled spray cans return? Or maybe gregrtech have other handy way to work with concrete?
    Second - In current version of gregtech added frames. In frames discription written that concrete could be applyed to it, but i cant find a way to do it. Also concrete can be used to hide wires in walls, can i place wires inside the frame and apply concrete to it?

    Hello! I have some problems since last updates of this mod.

    First, it seems that basic extruder and lathe cant work with steel, ruby and other hard materials, so i cant make ruby lense and steel rod efficiently. I tried advanced versions of this machines in creative mode, but this dont help. Is this a bug or i'm doing something wrong?

    Second, to make a uranium fuel rod you need both uranium 235 and uranium 238. Nei sais that uranium 235 ore exists in the game, but never found one. Is this ore realy placed during world generation?

    Guys, can anyone give me a link or description of Distillation tower, Vacuum freezer and Chemical reactor products recipes? For example i dont know how to make sulfuric acid, how to process BC oil using Distilation tower etc ... I'm kind new to this mod and cant find any info on varios wiki pages.