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    I used to play a lot of minecraft with gregtech (also a couple of weeks i used to write on gregtech post) but lets say that i got stuck on minecraft 1.4.6 (school, job, girlfriend you know)... One or two months ago i created a new modpack on 1.6.4 with a lot of technic mods and although its awesome, i do really want to play with another people T.T.
    That's why I consider myself a noob, because I don't really know pretty much about some mods since mc 1.4.6

    Check for steam outputting reactors in the ic2 config. That thing, if set to true, makes reactors utput steam instead of electricity.

    You're a genius men, thats why i always trust on this forum. Yeah that config, was enabled, and after i restarted the server we got the same problem on server-side, so we only had to change that option. Anyway thank you all i love you :3

    i've read all about that glitches, and ic2 its the only mod that i keep outdated, and actually we're using r#374 as u said some pages before, and to be honest i dont have so much problem with this buggy thing, as we're playing on server, but when im alone i just cant get my single player reactor to work, i tried to see if another mod is could be causing this, but it's pretty strange, i removed railcraft and worked once, but after a restart the bug was there again, then i tried removing mffs and it happened again... im very confused

    I just updated some of my mods and now i'm getting a bug where the cable isn't connecting to the nuclear reactor, this is only happening client-side, in the server the reactor keeps working as normal, is anyone else getting this buggy thing? i know this is not caused by gregtech but you guys are THE guys :3

    huhmmm i've been thinking about a new idea... "tiered " veins... lets say we found a 24 iron ore vein (yes 24 ores in a row) and lets say they're in (something like) a sphere pattern (pff what!?) look, the external layer of the sphere will be a "tier 1" ore and will just drop a tiny pile of iron (maybe 2-3 with fortune and tons of lucky) of that ore (and maybe gravel just to fill), and the another ores , the tier 2, will drop two things cobblestone (or mo' gravel) and an iron dust and if we got lucky, the very central ore of the vein will be the original iron ore "tier 3", the idea "requires" to have 3 diferents textures of every ore (the third one will be the original texture) the another one will be something like the original but less colorfull something like spwnx images before. More common is the ore, bigger will be the vein...
    What do you think about? its like the camo idea but with a new (and realistic) minning experience :D

    suggestion: the biggest spoiler in the world with "Why don't stupid people look in here for the download?" translated in EVERY language to stop stupid posts in the thread
    EDIT: BTW im working in the spanish translation of the antilag systems (the post of GregoriusT), do you guys recommend applied energistics as an anti-lag automation mod? bcuz i redpower is almost dead...

    @ World reset.

    Just prune the chunks you don't have a building in (Make a backup first)

    Thats made with mcedit? bcuz i've tryed that before and dont worked for me

    1. Make a Railcraft Rail line from your place to a new spot, and set-up a mine there.
    2. Make a teleporter-network.
    3. Use Nether Portals, and make a pathway (or a railway), multiplying overworld distance by 4 (only run 250 blocks in nether for a full kilometer in overworld, I think)
    4. Make a loooooooooooong 2-tall-by-1-wide path, at diamond level, from your place to a better spot a few miles away. Then just mine like normal. (I suggest that the path is made at diamond-level, so that you can get a sh*t-ton of resources by making such tunnel)

    I liked the idea of an underground railcraft line, im gonna try the prune thing and if it dont work maybe im working on that tonight :pinch:

    EDIT: I fogot my main question, how in the world i can give all that steam to a steam turbine if it has only 1 input and the liquiducts cant hold all that steam :wacko:

    You know, that Thread is already dead since two Weeks?

    Added Tetrahedrite Ore and Cassiterite Ore to the Worldgen. They are both Biome dependant.

    OMG I just started a new SSP world 2 days ago, should I restart the map or delete chunks or what do you recommend me? i already have some diamonds and machines but i dont want to travel some kilometers to find the new ores ='(

    I feel like installing GregTech, you are subscribing to the GregTech standard difficulty level.

    As I said before, i don't have any problem about nothing of gregtech, i even enable most of difficulty with thermal expansion forestry adv, solar panels, etc etc, where you can enable difficulty craftings or whatever, but i'm bored of that noobies coming here and said "hey greg this craft is so stupid!", "hey greg! i do want my old quarry recipe!" "hey greg im so stupid" (ok that last was so stupid :D) just because they are little childs that want mods that make minecraft to be just like a "hard creative mode" (i dont want to say which mod do that because DaftPVF could kill me for being talking about treecapitator)

    Just to say.. could be nice a unique option in a config that says "difficulty=X" where x is the difficulty of craftings (maybe another things), just to prevent people complaining about the difficulty of "X" craft-

    I have no problem on all that "difficulty" on gregtech but just for the <other people> that has it.

    Herro again, a friend and I wanted to start a server, but the main problem is that all our friends have super-laggy-electrical-generation-tactics so I was wondering if i could translate your ideas to our language and also add some gregtech automation for begginers (and guys with demential-lag-electrical-tactics) tutorials

    This is my "Tower" version of SpwnX cobblegen system i dont know if it produces lag but i dont think so

    I hope it can help and sorry if my english is the worst :D

    As long it doesnt affect whoever plays with you (or your concept of fun) , why would they not be ?

    Well, I said it because that farms can be useful for recyclers

    The idea could be the following:

    All the wood is burned to make charcoal and all that charcoal is to keep running the "underground" farms
    Its just an idea
    Edit: obviously all another thing that the farms could produce are sent to the recycler plant