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    I've made an Electric Blast Furnace, but it's currently impossible to get it functioning. Since the soldering iron doesn't exist yet I can't fix the burnt out circuitry, and since duct tape requires an MV assembler I can't finish the maintenance with that. What do I do?

    In 1.6.4 the Industrial Centrifuge and the Electrolyzer cause a lot of Lag when they have some Cells, but an empty primary Input. This was due to very old Code from the first Industrial Centrifuge in MC 1.3.2. This is especially noticeable when you have multiple Centrifuges waiting for Input.

    Is this going to be fixed in GT 5?

    Also, how do I add to the list of blocks that are minable by the jackhammer? I was a bit suprised when I didn't find this in the GT config files.

    Is this still a viable way to actually talk with Greg and report issues, or has this completely become a chatroom?
    I've been noticing a couple mods' crafting recipes specifically asking for IC2 plates and not accepting gregtech plates. Since all IC2 plates are automatically converted into Gregtech plates, does anybody know how to get around this issue? :/
    Currently unable to craft all Ic2 PowerConverters and a Magnetron from Gravisuite.
    Am I missing config files that would prevent this?

    You have a few options:
    1) You can cheat in the ic2 plates, and then destroy the GT plates you made.
    2) You can bug the mod authors to use the ore dictionary in their crafting recipes.
    3) You can edit the GT unification config to have it unify to the IC2 plates instead of the GT plates.

    Updated IC2 build#387
    IC2.cfg got added this as default:

    1. # Enable usage of OreDict for Circuits
    2. B:enableOreDictCircuit=true

    Integrated circuits = 1 in plate benders where transformed into IC2 Electronic Circuits.
    In NEI: Plate bender recipe displays with IC2 Electronic circuit.
    Recipes for integrated circuits are missing

    This. I can't even cheat them back in because they get unified. I will try disabling the config option to see if that solves the problem.

    Edit: Nope, no joy. still can't use circuits. I don't understand why the plate bender doesn't just have a mode button anyways. That works fine for the electric crafting table.

    What is the intended use of the Fusion Reactor? What are we meant to do with all of that power? By the time I have the infrastructure to build and supply a fusion reactor, I don't have any need for it.

    Or to put this another way: what have you guys used reactors for, or have seen reactors used for that isn't just creating massive amounts of UU to turn SMP into creative mode?

    PLEASE do NOT include a minimap mod. Some of us can't stand Zan's, and some of us can't stand REI. It's easier to just let us choose our own.

    Also I'd like to add my vote for Extra Cells for fluid management.

    well I don't know about you but on vanilla I get an FPS of 300 on my £400 Laptop On a good day I can run Ultragraphics in Planet side, although That is the only game I have for reference

    That's only because the graphical fidelity of PlanetSide has dropped dramatically since the first public release. Too many people cried because they'd throw it on Ultra and then get crappy performance, despite the fact that they warned people that NO CURRENT HARDWARE could support it (at the time).

    Maybe I am missing something obvious, but how do I get my first manganese for my first stainless steel?

    You get your first manganese for stainless steel from putting Tungstate Ore in an Industrial Grinder (for gauranteed manganese), or in a Sturdy Grinder to eventually have a small chance to get manganese. Tungstate Ore comes from The End, especially the asteroids.

    Make sure you have the latest gregtech, or you'll just get silver (in addition to the tungsten).

    There seem to be a few outstanding issues with the industrial blast furnace. First, the time/EU costs for the steel from iron+dust and steel from steel dusts seem to be reversed. It's supposed to be much easier to make steel from steel dust, but currently it's not.

    Second, the progression of the heating coils is reversed. The tier 2 coils (kanthal) require a tier 3 industrial blast furnace (2500°), whereas the tier 3 coils (nichrome) only require an alloy smelter to make. This ends up necessitating final tier machine casings to get mid tier smelted materials.