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    Your windmills will certainly generate more energy than with my setup, however they are not "place and forget" like mine.
    If your windmills are placed higher than my tower designs says to, they will have a tiny chance of breaking (turning into a generator).
    Maximum wind + thunderstorm = chance of breaking your windmills. Rare, but still happens, so i've made my windtowers safe, even though it means lower energy production.

    Yes, I'm aware of that, but I think the small risk compensates for the extra EU.
    Also, because of the random wind force from the chunks loading, if I measure the EU from the windmills I know if the wind will be safe or not (I can avoid "Maximum wind"), I also play in SSP, so I can control better the weather.

    I have a chunk loader on my base, so when I load the world the wind stays mostly the same until I quit.
    Since is SSP the chunk loader is fine, also since many of you might know, some chunks (or is just 1?) near the spawn will always be loaded, and I have my base in there.
    Having some chunks loaded and others not would cause problems on my base...


    My aim when building windmills is to have at least 6400 of them (maximum 12800).
    Average of 10624 EU/t (21248 EU/t). Thats 1 UU every 78 seconds (39s).
    I can always have other sources to help, like lightning rods or nuke power (i won't build this, my teammates usually does).

    I'm using your tower design (thanks by the way) for my windmills, but I have them build at 200-220 without problems, at your recommended Y levels they didn't generate much power.
    Each tower produces 96 EU/t at minimum (rare to happen), 140EU/t at average (ignoring raining and thundering), and 180EU/t at maximum.
    They are not as unpredictable as some think.

    This is the info that I put on the FTP wiki based on my practical experience with windmills:

    "When the chunks load there is a random (with minimum and maximum
    limits) base value for the wind, value which maintains stable as long as
    the chunks are kept loaded and the Wind Mills are at high (150+) Y

    On practice it's possible to have Wind Mills generating 1.5 EU/t
    or 2.5 EU/t each depending on luck. If isn't raining or thundering that
    average output (EU/t) won't change significantly (< 10%) as long as
    the chunks don't unload. Knowing this it's possible through some tries
    of loading and unloading the chunks with the Wind Mills to get a
    constant high EU output using chunk loaders."

    Also if you put the wind mills at high levels (Y 230+) with few obstruction they will actually stop generating power (due to very high wind) if it's raining or thundering, this is a sign that there is a high probability of turning into generator with thundering.
    The wind mills are now the best renewable generator, because advanced solar panels got much expensive to craft.
    But wind mills aren't cheap, they still require 32 stacks of coal (2048 coal) for each tower of 64...

    magneseum can't, manganese and thorium work, but there's no way to get large amounts of them.

    Bees... I have no bee experience whatsoever, how much work would it take to get them outputting an item every quarter second?

    1 Coal Ore on the industrial grinder will give a tiny pile of thorium, 1 Forcicium Manazit Ore will give a a full thorium dust.
    You can get plenty of each.

    If you have a biofuel plant, MJ to power some rock crushers won't be a problem.
    PS: Bees can give you uranium dust.

    EDIT: Didn't see that you don't have access to Monazit, and that uranium from bees was already mentioned.

    I'm sure this isn't new to anyone, but I'm using this safe breeder using thorium cells:
    Safe high speed thorium breeder
    It re-enriches 4 cells each 459 seconds (115 sec each), it's also easy to automate using buildcraft pipes.

    It's also made to be expandable, you can start without chambers and 15 heating cells and as you get copper you expand, and slowly increase the number of heating cells.

    I'm pretty sure that if you throw a stack of potatoes into the fusion reactor you would get the required neutrons. Whats the worst thing it could happen? :thumbsup:

    I've started playing with nuclear reactor recently (only uranium so far), and I was wondering what is your opinion Greg about coal, you want coal to be acquired only by mining (ignoring soul shards) or if your okay if you could introduce a charcoal purifier, say 8-16 charcoal dust = 1 coal dust in the industrial centrifuge.

    So the only way to get a profit from antimatter is to let the environment create it and then steal collect it, or create a portal to where is antimatter in the universe and steal collect it.

    If the UE mod used a antimatter detector, a mini portal, an antimatter collector and a antimatter reactor, then it could be accepted that it could create energy from antimatter. But the antimatter detector, a mini portal and the antimatter collector had to use much less energy than what the antimatter reactor generated.

    You can't generate energy by making antimatter either, nobody complains about that in UE.

    Our antimatter generation is very inefficient, I don't know if it was 100% efficient we could get a profit from using it, since it would "blast" with regular matter, which would make regular matter as powerful as the antimatter itself.

    Sure, it doesn't make sense to get energy by creating antimatter itself, at least on a regular way, I'm also not using UE, so I don't know how the mod works.
    But we know how fusion and fission works, antimatter is less known, so there is room for science fiction.
    We all know that minecraft isn't suppose to be real, but there are concepts that should not be changed. That of course is my opinion.

    The fusion of elements resulting of a element lower than iron and the fission of elements higher than iron will create energy. The inverse will require energy.
    You cannot generate energy by creating elements higher that iron/nickel, you actually have to use it. The fusion reactor will work as a matter fabricator.



    Wrong. EU/p = voltage and EU/t = power. Current would be packets per tick.

    Yep, real cables burn out because of heat, and the main factor for them to heat up is too much current (amperes).
    But in minecraft for simplification, they burn up because of too much voltage, that is fine because we can control how much voltage will pass on a cable, controlling how much current (number of packages) will pass would be a nightmare.

    Mobs might spawn on upper levels, and slowly fall as the quarry digs, but needs a player nearby.

    King Lemming said on one update that Redstone Energy Conduits will lose 5% on each output (less CPU intensive), distance was irrelevant.

    REC --> REC--> REC expect to lose 10%

    BC golden conduit pipes lose 0.01% 0.5% per block.
    10 blocks will lose ~5%.

    "tungsten steelnany of various hard steels containing tungsten (1--20 per cent) and traces of carbon. They are resistantto wear at high temperatures and are used in tools"

    If anything it should be renamed to Tungsten carbide :P

    I wonder if Greg could make a new rotor for the steam turbine with more durability using tungsten alloy. I have so many tungsten without uses for it.

    You are using the hydrogen to heat the boiler, and only using the steam generated in the boiler.
    The steam generated by the burn of hydrogen is not being used, as is not being used any other vapor caused by the burn of other liquid fuel.

    The Steam Boiler wasn't made to capture the gases from the burning fuels. There's no WTF.

    I thought i saw that it was, never mind then >:D
    Its OP and cheateh, at least RC ones require fuel, being fairly hard to get pre-end.

    Are quarries disabled, or you guys even have buildcraft?
    They keep chunks loaded even if not being powered, right?
    A quarry on the bottom of your base with landmarks and you got yourself a Chunk Loader.

    36 m^3 HP boilers will eventually beat the combustion engine, at full heat is 872,736 MJ on fuel vs 600,000 MJ, I don't know is how many hour/days it takes to beat it though.
    EDIT: On that link it says it takes 162 hours to do it, that is hard to archive on SSP but easy on SMP with chunk loader, and using the energy for the Matter fabricator using scrap from Igneous extruder + recycler.

    Using Magma Crucible with cobblestone + thermal generator is 1 MJ --> 1.25 EU, anything lower than that is not worth to be used.

    Since the Steam turbine is equivalent to 1MJ --> 1.5625 EU, a conversion ratio of 1 MJ --> 1.25-1.4 EU seems fair.