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    wow I just got back from my road trip and read these replies and I am disappointed that people even after reading this thread are saying that its not that much more eff only taking into account the eff of the materials and not the over all eff of the breeder witch is: !!THE SPEED AT WITCH PRODUCT IS PRODUCED AND THE SPEED AT WITCH PROFIT IS GAINED!!

    my idea was to not let the heat from uranium go into the reactor hull instead directly into cooling cells or LSH condenser.
    that way you safe space wich you can use for platings and also as no komponent adds or takes Heat it is Infit neutral, even when shut off.
    i only have to get these regulators working.

    Ahh i see yes that was just a happy benifit of the idea I had witch was to use quad cells for more ticks and the lzh's to save space for more heat plate and just use an autocrafting table to replace the lzh's but it kind of all falls apart without having gregtech. oh well engineers think alike i guess. I think its quite a testament to the perfection of this design that 2 engineers came up with separate ideas that lead to the same design for separate reasons.

    nice you understood my idea.

    with managerrs from Gregtechaddon you could define easily where to place the components.

    and consider using 60k to 360k cooling cells to take up the heat.
    to cool the cell just use a cooling reactor.

    wait what idea and dont have gregtech. im lost

    edit: ok gregtech looks freeking awsome could i add that to my world without regenerating a new one or will the ores not populate? totally new to minecraft btw sorry.

    I just discovered DDOS HVC and CASUC I think I want to attempt to get this working here 1152 cells per cycle skadoosh 8| oohh god gota change my pants.

    a cheaper version for people that dont run 8 quarrys might be here

    cheeper still here only 20 lapiz here

    dam can any one tell a new guy how i could have the lzh's get pumped into the right slots of the reactor and not get mixed up with with the isotope cell slots or is it even possible

    wow seems like i have a bit more to learn about the mechanics I have been messing with this for an hour came up with the same items list as you did but in a defferent order and couldnt get it past 88 per cycle here yet yours is 158.5 per cycle with the same materials. I take that the distance between the parts matters as well??

    any way ty for the help man i got my ura that i need but i still want to figure the rest of this out now i think im hooked I to have a few degrees in engineering myself tho im reserved to say so thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and structural. im trying to become a metallurgical engineer for explosive welding so stuff like this just gets me hooked


    This for example is >95% efficienct, cheap, and produces ~96 uranium per cycle with no off time.

    actually im starting to see your right requia im playing with skavior470's breeders and they seem to not want to hold there heat very well at all. im trying to modify one to create more heat than out going to put a timer on it for a slight cool down to keep the components in check but not having much luck i think ill try the one you just posted as well. thanks

    thank you I didnt know that. I just came on here looking for a few reactor designs the ones in the sticky sucked didnt see any others in recent posts and popular or hot topics are not auto held at the top so I used the java app hoping it was accurate enough for a temp set up and posted what i got in 2 min ether way I got chests of enriched cells faster than i got any links to better set ups and thats what really matters right :)

    Those first two breeders don't appear to actually work at better than 4:1, they have no way to heat up to the values given.

    fist idk what first 2 your reffering. do you mean my first 2 or mine and his since mine is the fist posted and his the second or his first two? ether way your wrong his is preheated and mine both reach near max temp almost instantly and hold for a few sec before cooling back down. and second I was going for speed of production not efficiency per ura ratio.


    Quoted from "skavier470"

    You use 48 uranium cells to breed 476 cells ? that’s 9,9 per Uranium
    I use 1 uranium to make 92 uranium constantly.
    No pauses no advanced circuitry just a Isotope Cell swapper.


    now idk where your getting these numbers unless this little java reactor planer is just wrong it says "Total cells charged: 87.8" not 92 assuming full cycle witch btw is slightly faster than my best and requires much less effort. idk why you didn't post this breeder in the first place its way better than the one you did post the first time.


    Quoted from "skavier470"

    you get about 2 re-enriched uranium cells per Uranium cell per about 60000 ticks
    I get 92 re-enriched uranium cells per Uranium cell per 10000 ticks.

    again I am assuming the java app to be correct it clearly shows "total cells charged: .8" per cycle with many cycles over a 2h 46m period witch produces way faster than the first breeder you posted by far yet your comparing to the breeder that I admit is way better that you have just posted. Im starting to think the first time you posted a link to the wrong breeder


    Quoted from "skavier470"

    If you want to squeeze out the near maximum out of it:

    now this breeder here beautiful just beautiful again idk why you didnt post this in the first place this is exactly the link I was trying to find before trying to figure something out on my own this should be a topic of its own and be sticky'd and where would I be able to find more of your work btw

    EDIT: found it HAYO CORP: Nuclear Power (FREE: Reactor Blueprints) why the hell is this not sticky'd you do amazing work btw. the only reason I posted a reactor designed in 2 min was because nothing like this topic was anywhere to be found without searching thru pages.

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    edit failing to early in the morning lol

    ok so I see that every ones all "MinecraftChicken math" so i wont hold my breath for replies. any way.. as I said i was just messing around with setups when i made this and posted because it looked like a heart and why not. I now have made a breeder that makes 85.37 enriched cells every 2h 46m and made a vid of how its set up to not blow up. hope this helps some one

    vid here
    and planner link here
    and pic here

    breeders become more efficient the higher the hull heat is. a mark V type design would be incredibly slow and inefficient.

    first of all they become more efficient at high heat yes your right about that and my mk v burns at 31k his mk1 is at 18k. now lets look at the numbers here his mk1 charges 19 cells per cycle his cycle last 2h 46m so he gets 19 cells every 2h 46 min. now lets see how many cells i get in that time so 2h and 46m witch is 166m by the cycle witch is 1m 30s (cool down)+12(running) witch is 1.7m so 166/1.7=97.65.... now times that by the cells enriched per cycle witch is .8 so 97.65....x.8= 78.12.... the full equation would be 166/1.7x.8=78.12 rounded nearest tenth

    so his mk 1 breeder= 19 cells in 2hrs 46m
    vs. my mkv breeder= apx. 78.12 cells in 2 hrs 46m

    so mk1 more efficient PER URA yes faster hell no. so lets really think about efficiency here your getting more ura out of a breeder than what you put in, more so in a mk1 than a mkv but it takes so much longer to get that its not more efficient at all. mkv simply produces ura faster there fore you have more ura that you can put back into the breeder to enrich more cells you simply produce more material in a shorter time witch is more efficient realty wise.

    terrible entirely terrible, it will blow up like stated in 12 seconds.
    here made you a diamond breeder. trust me iam an engineer....

    umm ok first I may be new at this but your just wrong it wont blow up in 12 seconds because there is this thing called state cells.. it shuts it off after 12 sec and cools down for 1min 31sec I have 6 of these reactors that have been running all day and are refilled by a manager, detectors and pneumatic pipes and filters and auto crafting table. and now have chests full of stacks of re-enriched cells. what you linked me to is a mark one that produces very very very slowly witch doesnt work for me at all I am trying to fill 20 reactors in a super plant and not only does mine get the job done fast it creates alot more recharge per tick per ura.

    edit : If ou can engineer me a better ->mark v ea++<- breeder I would love that