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    I can't toggle hover mode on the Advanced Electric Jetpack on 1.7.10 version 2.0.3 of GraviSuite. I CAN toggle the hover mode on the regular IC2 jetpack, and there are no key binding conflicts. I can toggle the engines on and off fine, but not the flight mode. How can I fix this?

    Solars charge their internal storage fine, and continue to generate and store internal power after being moved on frames, but they won't feed into an MFSU once the MFSU has been moved on frames.

    I did this in SSP, and restarting the map fixed that issue.

    If it is to improve the teleporter, why not?

    I know this probably needs another thread, but I've also noted that MFSU's stop receiving EU after being moved by frames. They won't accept more solar power from adjacent panels. Kind of annoying, so the Teleporter MFSU's on my airship don't recharge. Grr. (Although a Quantum Generator will still give MFSU's power after they've moved)

    I adore this mod, but I have several questions I can't find answers to. Maybe they've been suggested - Either way I haven't found the information on it. If this hasn't been covered, feel free to take it as a suggestion.

    Firstly, a couple of things I've been looking to do but can't figure out how.

    a) Getting MFFS Capacitors/Projectors to emit a redstone signal of some form or some other indication when they are empty and or have been nuked to all hell and overloaded. (E.g., projector is taken down with nukes, sends signal, second projector turns on.)

    Now I understand this might be impossible to have projector blocks emit redstone signals, considering they take a redstone signal. A workaround idea may be to create a new block such as a 'Projector Status' block, that takes a ID card of the projector, and will emit a redstone signal if the projector linked to it goes offline. With basic redstone logic, the player could distinguish between the field switching off due to players flicking the switch, or nuke overloads. :whistling:

    I can't remember the second thing. Ah, damn.

    Moving on. Another thing I've noticed while looking for easy ways past an MFFS (I'm sure this has been pointed out) is mining laser on explosive mode. Not only does it get through MFFS relatively easily, but, if you spam explosive shots (autoclicker?) At an area of terrain that once destroyed would be replaced with forcefield blocks, much of the explosive charge from the laser will penetrate beyond the field radius just before the field covers and shields it.