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    Hmm this design looks good, i will look into it.
    Dosnt want to spend to mutch cooper :P

    I allready got 2 reactors and want to build 2 breeder, tested a few in creativ,
    but im not into it, with all the new stuff.

    My old breeder was heating up itself and holts his temp without no problems.
    But i havend looked at all the new stuff for the breeders like i sayd but i will.
    Its so mutch fun to build all this and play with it. :)

    Ok i try it, hope that it works, thanks :)

    Wish i have the cooper to craft dual or quad Urancells
    im not the greatest fan of single cells but my cooper reserves are low atm ;(

    Ok switched the design to spend less uran a friend of me spend some cooper ^^
    i use this now: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…adh05nlzbpykw84kwczan05q8 HAYO!
    And i switched to glass fibre cable and got no problems so far 280 EU/t in the cable (HV got ~55 EU/t) man HV sucks. :D

    Your cabling is probably worse than you think, or you are using it up. I don't think the power is not generated. Reactor planner is ok, and output ingame is ok as well.

    The Industrial Information Panel says 285 Eu/t so its all fine there.
    EU reader says about 55 EU/t on the Hv cable.

    Do you think switch to Glass fibre cable could help?

    Hey Guys

    im new here at the Forum but im used to Industrialcraft.

    So, i tested the Reactor design from raGan on our server : http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…88ujakr199k7lxppmsrqj9fy8
    My problem is, the reactorplaner says it should output 57 million EU in total.
    I only got like ~13 million in total and i dont know why.

    I got 2 reactors (1 is atm empty) hooked up to 2 2x3 MFSU´s (12 in total) by using 3x issulated HV cable.
    The reactors are 25 to 30 blocks away from the MFSU.
    I also looked into the cable calculator, it says my max EU lose should be like 4,8 million and not ~45 million.

    i hope someone can help me, sorry for my bad english :S