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    I've got clever design as well. And by clever I mean fucking smart. As I stated in other thread:

    Reflectors are for pussies. http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…bhtmj61c3n2rjacoobqcvrdhc

    Who cares about 3k lapis each cycle, right ?

    in this design you would have to replace the condensators once for every 100,000 heat absorbed.(hover over condensators) and plus,you would have to replace each of those 14 condesators 130 times! And, the head generated as enough to melt 2 layers of reinforced stone!

    I was messing around in the reactor planner and made an extremely efficient Mark I-SUC EA+ Reactor. I believe that this is about as good as these types of reactors get. the Neutron reflectors are increasing the output massivley. I know this is an expensive reactor. I dont really mind because i run 4-5 64x64 quarries at max speed at a time. These are also more meant for power generation in creative worlds anyways. This design is extremely easy to remember!I hope you take use in this (opinion) clever design!Please note to have a high voltage transformer in your line,as well as the fact halfway through the cycle you will either have to replace the reflectors or run in a fraction of the power the rest of the time. Also,remember to replace the condensators,or only run this for short cycles.

    Output:2040 EU/t
    Heat Generated:5472
    Excess Heat:0

    Resources needed:
    Uranium Ingots:72
    Redstone Dust:440
    Glowstone dust:2
    Lapis Lazuli:164

    Look at the design Here: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…f8n26ukz9a9r09m460therny8 (sorry for the terribly long link. I dont know how to create hyperlinks.....)

    Hope it was helpful!