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    Very nice. Youre one of the first updated. Updated my spreadsheet for your mod entry:…ODVBY0Q4N1FSV3dlRUE#gid=0

    Until Redpower gets updated, eh, i guess. Buildcraft buffering is shoddy

    I didnt know you were such a dreamer.

    Dream on, friend. Reach for those stars and dont look back! An hero is YOU

    *cries silently the lament of Redpower*

    Crash report for YOU

    Greg my friends said to post this here because its all your fault??


    Would it be possible through GT mode to implement battery discharge? Thats to say, MFSU, MFS etc lose charge over time. So you cant just charge one up and leave it there forever. I'd say somewhere along the rate of 1-5% per day depending on biome (cold biome loses power at slower rate etc).
    Also maybe upgrades like alkaline core to nickel or whatever that have different traits and lose charge slower. You could go even further and put in some amount of charges stat and after a threshold it either has its top-end ability of charge reduced, or catches fire.

    Uhhm, I has massive Problems with clientside Light Updates and since the Client shouldnt calculate that at all I just slowed down that senseless calculation (every 256 ticks instead of every tick) as the Light gets sent with the Chunk Change Data anyways.

    Thank fuck. I wish more mods did this. FTB eats all but highend CPUs because of shit like that. EveryOtherMod: Lets recalculate ALL the things every fucking tick for no reason I sware to god.

    Again, we are looking into this. We are considering several ways to handle force energy generation that doesn't involve Monazit Ore/Forcicium. However, we also want to make Monazit/Forcicium the preferred/least expensive method for maintaining a forcefield. It's going to take a fair bit of balancing and planning before we come to a decision as to what we'll use.

    But Minalien, what about renewable way of generating force energy?

    Just check thread regularly and you will see update notes.

    Where are the update notes for 3.03b? Or a changelog? Or an indication that it was updated at all? I need that in order to keep the automation running for revision checking. Me manually checking defeats the purpose, and thats why I asked Greg if there was a place that had this information.

    He could do that, but why should he have to? those mods should handle their own balance. If someone is going to use an overpowered mod setup, then they expect things to be unbalanced. It's a lot of work that he should not have to be doing in the first place. He should handle the balance of his own mod, and if another mod is balanced with itself, but is unbalanced with this one, then it would make sense to change it.

    Lol you're definitely not a programmer. Its about HIS mod and its compatibility and agility to tweak itself based on its probable environment inside the game. if he doesnt want to do that, i dont blame him, but stop acting like its akin to taking the fucking ring to mount doom.