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    we are using Mindcrack too, also with Mystcraft, so this is not the problem. i think i have read somewhere about a problem with the Modular Powersuit from UE, but im not sure anymore

    Thanks for the info, that helps me rule out mystcraft :)

    I tested it with PowerSuits on my server and all was fine. Look for the problem in other mods.

    Thank you for personally testing it. In this case, with the info from Lazerus as well, i suspect it must be ars magika, which uses a flight spell that acts much like a gravichestplate does. Is this sort of conflict easy to fix? Please dont take this as a request, more of a curiosity. I will bring it to the attention of the ars magika mod author as well.

    Hi, i have an issue with the GraviChestPlate on our server.

    Its been mentioned on this thread before, but I cannot seem to activate the fly mode for the chestplate. I am able to active the energy mode, using the F key, but double tapping jump (spacebar) does not result in flying. It does not work in either SMP or SSP. The previous versions of this issue in the thread mentioned it might be a mod conflict, specifically with EE2/3. However, we do not have EE. We do however have Modular Powersuits from the Universal Electricity mod pack. Could this be a cause of the conflict? I also know there are servers that run gravitation suite mod and modular powersuit mod together with no issues. Alll other items from gravitation suite work.

    I am currently using MindCrack v8.0.1 + mystracft + ars magica + universal electricity.

    Thanks for the help and the wonderful mod.