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    (sorry for my english, its not my native language)

    MC 1.4.7
    IC2 1.112.170
    BC 3.4.2

    With Redstone Energy Cell (from ThermalExpansion) i test conversion rate and i see:
    BC -> IC2 rate 2:5 - correct (if use Redstone Energy Cell between BC engins and LV Pneumatic Generator, but some energy lost! with BC engins directly to LV Pneumatic Generator. I dont use pipes)
    IC2 -> BC rate is 0.375 (not 0.4 !)
    Is it bug?

    Test method - placed adjustable electric engine at Redstone Energy Cell ,аnl placed 8000 EU in engine. I expected 3600 MJ, but see only 3000. 16000EU - > 6000 MJ
    Test BC engins with one pice of coal and Redstone Energy Cell is correct - 1 coal = 1600 MJ . Energy do not lost.