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    The idea about implantats and death was, that on hard difficulty you losse your implantats on death. On normal and easy you ceep them.

    And: Is there someone who could code this? BC my own coding abbilities are quite poor.

    The Point of the idea is, that the Usage of implantants is limited by the "Implantant Capacity". And I forgot to write, that every implantant makes the hunger bar deplet faster(food as energy source for the implantants).
    Also most of the implantants should have functions, the quantum armor doesn't have.

    BTW, the idea is inspired by the Pen'n'Paper RPG "Shadowrun".

    How about adding some high-tier maschine to IC2 ,similar to the Thinker Tabele fom Modular Powersuits Mod, but instead of modifying some kind of aromour, it modifys Steve himself, so he gains additional abilities.
    For exemple jumping two blocks high or dealing with bare hand as much damage as a iron sword.
    The implantants require materials like glassfibre cables, carbon plates hydrolysed water cells etc. and cost some kind of Steves or other implantant's "Implantant Capacity".
    Exemple: For a Cyberarm you need 5x Refined Iron, 2x Carbon Plates 1x Energy Crystal and 10% Implantant Capacity.