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    Okay, so that just reflects the cost of the extra copper, etc. that is needed each cycle. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't supposed to be putting UU-Matter somewhere...


    Sorry I'm an idiot, but I can't find anything that explains what "Running Cost" means in these reactors, and why it's expressed in UU-Matter units. Help?

    Turning it on with the redstone was our intention. The outer MFSU will always pull any available power in from the inner MFSU. When the inner MFSU becomes empty, it turns the reactor ON and gets new power, which the outer MFSU then takes, re-emptying the inner MFSU...rinse repeat.

    We had the reactor connected to an MFSU, which had red alloy wire back to the reactor. The MFSU was set to send a signal when empty. That MFSU was then connected to another MFSU. So basically, the power is all immediately directed to the 'outer' MFSU, until full. It was never full though, as we were running a full-sized quarry the whole time.