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    I'm resisting my urge to snark about mid-20's C being mildly warm and instead going to channel that energy into learnings: What *is* the normal/average Summer temp range over that end of the world? Cause here in Oz... I could only wish that was a hot summer day, consistent 35C+ would be more the ticket here. And up north, I'm pretty sure some of the top end can top 40C for many days in a row.

    To keep this post remotely on-topic, I eagerly look forward to the return of machines to GT6 and am hella glad that Blood was able to make the port :)

    I had a similar issue, my understanding from the wiki was basic EBF smelting would be 3x LV hatches with 3x single buffers butted right up to them. Which didn't seem to work, it would start and then stop. After much annoyance and tinkering in my creative world, I put 2x 4 buffers instead of 3 single and it worked. With no maintenance issues, the wiki makes no mention of what size buffers are needed to use and my (obviously incorrect) assumption that 3 singles would suffice is probably one that others have made too. Unless adding in cable is the proper way? :S

    I must say though, I'd not looked at GT5 until about a week ago and daaaamn... I cannot wait until the later-game stuff gets added back in cause judging by the overall improvements thus far it will be epic. Never thought I'd ever want for copper or tin so badly ever again, mind you :D

    Apparently harder games are not only better and more rewarding to play, but can actually help you to be smarter. And interestingly GregTech fits the description of the 'optimal' part of the scale fairly perfectly here:

    Two words (Kinda cheating as the first one can be two options): Demon's/Dark Souls.

    Seriously, nothing has given me a better rush that finally learning how shit works and giving a beating back for once. Even more so for DaS II.

    Currently making (for the first time ever) a GT fusion reactor, every time I look over what it needs I cry a little inside, but I imagine the feeling of turning it on will be similar.

    Recently got back into modded MC and GT, and seem to have stumbled across an odd problem... cables deciding to stop being attached to machines. Thought it might have been an IC2 issue, then noticed the cable to the MFE was still attached... but the semifluid one wasn't. And none of my GT machines are attached, unless I wrench them and replace them - except my Indy Blast Furnace, which appears to still have the cable attached to it. This is making me a bit nervous, understandably, because the idea of wrenching that machine if it derps before I have the electric one does not thrill me at all.

    GT version 4.07m and IC2 version 2.0.367 (Part of the TPPI modpack).

    Do I need to prod the server owner into updating either/or IC2 or GT, and if so to what version? Tried searching the thread but my search-fu appears weak at the moment.

    As an aside, its been a while since I've played around with IC2 and GT and the bronze age in default GT (Not the watered-down version TPPI uses) is epic. Steam-powered machines are awesome :D

    I imagine right now there are a lot of bugs to deal with but eh, whatever. If I put lava cells into a thermal generator it doesn't do anything and generates cells in the bottom slot out of nothing. That's all.

    I noticed the same, it generates empty cells without removing the lava cell or outputting energy; this was on my test world, and the bone-dry MFSU I hooked it up to stayed bone-dry.

    GT version: 3.00c
    Forge version:
    IC2 version: 1.115.269-lf

    Also broke my world pretty bad when I tried to make a nuke reactor for power (ticking entity), but that's not really your issue :D

    Question about the digital chests... despite the odd usage of a computer monitor and no visible screen that serves a purpose, is there a way to jury-rig a means to show what is in the chest?

    I tried with a GT Sensor Kit and the Nuclear Control info panel... it works, kinda. It displays fine once, go away and come back... Blank screen (Same with world reload). Need to open the panel GUI and leave it to get the screen to refresh, flicking the power level on/off doesn't do anything. Dunno if that's a GT or NC problem, but it makes it kinda hard to use it for sweet-lookin' digital storage.

    I am quite possibly the only person on the server who has, at one point, been quoted as saying "F*** barrels", much to the confusion and bewilderment of the others I play with. As such, I like alternatives if they exist (Hell, most of Factorisation gives me the shits. Wand of Cold is one of the few things I don't mind from it).

    And on the subject of other mods... I really do hope Elo kicks out a new RP2 soon. It's one of the major holdups stopping the server getting updated mods. Like AE. Oh man, do I want AE bad. I also realised that had I not found GT, I'd have probably migrated to another tech mod by now as despite IC1 being my first ever mod of any kind, IC has been kinda stagnant recently. Which I dont like at all :(

    So, I place the industrial blast furnace and the advanced coils togeter on the crafting table, right?

    Is there somewhere a recipe list for the new beta's recipes?
    A link to them would be nice. Thank you in advance!

    Right-click the machine with the coil in your hand. I forget which ones go in what order, but you can easily get over 3k heat without needing advanced machine casings now.

    Which is nice, as I suspect all my chrome will be going towards that new reactor :D

    That once per minute is for automated xxx (insert macerator, recycler) machines, the automation machines (buffer, translocator) will check every 10s, or every tick if they did something.

    From changelog of ver. 2.79a
    Made Translocators, Buffers, Filters, Scrapboxinators and similar MUCH faster, if they really have work to do, meaning that they now check every 10 seconds for Items to transfer, and then rush for AT LEAST 1.5 Seconds by scanning once every Tick, if they transfered an Item.

    F'yeah :D

    Thanks to both, hadn't thought about needing to keep an eye on the power. Thankfully, it's not that long to cause an issue and is looking super-epic with no BC or RP2 stuff around like everyone else on the server has :D

    Question about the limitations (If any) of the buffers: Is there a realistic limit to how long a buffer chain will run?

    I don't need to run a super-huge length, just wanted to check if their was any quirks to using them like pipes before I went and layed it all out. Otherwise, I'll have to use more magical means like tesseracts...

    And I cannot wait for that new fusion reactor, that GUI had my brain locked in a battle between "OH GOD THE EPICNESS" and "OH GOD THE MATS" :D

    I must admit, I am loving the new plate mechanics and what not (Although, took a bit to get used to waiting for circuits now), was kinda disappointed I still needed a rolling machine tho. I had seen the plate machine and thought "Hell yeah, GT rolling machine!" and it wasn't :(

    As an aside, I noticed purely by accident that if you plated a refined iron ingot and then resmelted it (Derp, put wrong thing in plate machine I did)... you get xp again. Not sure if thats an IC2 thing or not, not really a huge issue but it would still technically be a bug yes?

    Keep up the good work, that new fusion reactor looks positively epic (And brain-killing in the thought of what will be needed to make it... :D)

    Fixed the Sorters connecting and disconnecting to the E-net every single tick.
    Added Shelfes to store Books, Paper and Food Cans! Guess who gave me the Idea to do that. (remembers a minor Texture Bug when leftclicking it too often...)

    It works! IT WORKS :D (Now to convince my server admin to annoy peeps and update this one mod only...)

    /me prostrates himself before GregTower IV before going to spread the word of Greg to his fellow serverites.

    I just checked my setup (Sorry for the delay, damn timezone differences) and it's doing the same. It's being powered by an Ultimate Solar Panel, on an MFSU, stepped down to LV, so power itself is no issue. The buffer just before it is getting power fine, but the sorter itself is demanding a huge amount of power, and not filling its internal storage.

    The buffer beyond the sorter on the red input shows as added to the e-net, as does the blue output one, but only the red one shows no internal storage usage. Attached screenies of the debug scanner to hopefully help sort this out.

    I couldn't get much from it, but i suppose your native language is either portuguese or spanish.

    The way sorter works is easy :
    Choose red side with wrench [items that are not filtered] , choose blue side with GUI [items that are filtered], place valid inventories on both red and blue sides (chests,buffers,machines, whatever) then pump items inside it on any side (not blue and red)with translocators or buffers, items that are input will be filtered to blue and red sides.
    Items goes to blue side if it matches the filter, if doesn't it goes to red. Also if blue side can't output items, it will output them into red side even if it matches the filter.

    Ooh! Ooh! Can I play the assumptions-based-off-using-one-word game too? The "what?" was because I quite literally didnt not get what that was quoted towards, and I couldn't for the life of me see how that mattered (For the record, born and bred Aussie).

    I know this. If I sound like I'm getting a bit tetchy, it's because I've already explained I've tried EVERYTHING and even attached pictures to SHOW that I've got the things hooked up. Regurgitating back "Red is non-filtered, blue is filtered..." does not help with IT NOT DAMN WORKING AT ALL. It doesn't output to blue or red, ever - The item is just stuck on the left side, like the first screenshot showed.

    I'd really like to continue my place as #1 GT guy on the server I play on, as I've already bewildered people with how fast I've made stuff, but it's looking like I'll be doing some unholy BC/RP sorting system combo with a bit of Xycrafts new fabricators thrown in for good measure. And honestly, I'd prefer to bewilder and amaze with the wonders of technology.

    Please, someone, suggest something other than what the official/unofficial wiki's say (i.e. outputs and GUI) to try because its got me (understandably) frustrated.

    I figured it out!

    You need to have the destination inventory in place *before* the direction of the sorter is set, do that and it works.


    I've tried putting the sorter down first, last, in between, nothing seems to work. I went off, blew up a mountain with a nuke, came back, still nada (more stress relief than an actual solution). I even hooked a 32/t machine (the buffer) up to a 512/t line and nothing happened (Seriously, no explosion. Given I've had these explode in my face before, very disappointed).

    Hopefully I'll come home from uni, have another tinker and something simple will go 'click'. Unless its some silly config error, but they've not been touched by me. Cause at the moment its table-flipping inducing :(

    The Sorter is simple. You pump Items into it, and then the Sorter outputs the Item to either the Blue or the Red Facing, like a Buffer, Blue being the successfully filtered Side and Red being the Default. same for the Identical looking Item-Type-Sorter, which decides via Item Category instead of via a Set of up to 9 Items.

    I dig that it's supposed to be simple, but no matter what side I wrench the red and blue outputs to nothing comes out. I see the item sitting to the left of the gui, same item ghosted into the filter in the middle, and buffers on both red and blue outputs. I'll try attach some screenies to help show what I mean. Ignore the second row of buffers that feed to the same chest, it was me messing around with the autocrafting table (Test worlds are for testing, and all :) ).

    Hi all, long time listener, first time caller here.

    Been using GT for a few months now, loving it (Despite the occasional "Curse you GT!" escaping my lips now and again) and recently decided to look into the GT automation; brought on by the new auto-machines which BTW are awesome.

    I managed to figure out how to use the small buffers (in order to extract from an auto-machine) but cannot for the life of me get the sorter to work. Having perservered in the total absence of any clarifications (Checked both the official and unofficial wiki; information, whats that?), I have managed to get items to send to the sorter, and then they get stuck. They do not progress past it; I've tried with chests or buffers attached to output sides (Red and blue ones) and I even tried a translocater to see if that could pull the correct item out. WTF am I going wrong? I'd love to be able to push my GT abilities into the automation, as it looks like it could be awesome.

    Tried looking for tutorials, but most people are either using non-GT automation or bitching about how much of a man GT is attempting to make of them.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance :)