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    I've played the game enough that i am bored of survival, i don't use reactors to power my mass fabs just hv solar panels. I'll leave the survival playing to SMP, playing survival on SSP is boring by yourself.

    My whole goal was to make a high eu output reactor and make it fully automated, both breeder and reactor are fully automated, i don't have to do anything.

    If i was to find a server with decent players and the mods i like i would play the game in survival i haven't found one yet.

    I'm sure if i played in survival i can come up with a better design, but i wanted to get to know how the system works nshit since i am new to ic2, not new to minecraft, i've had it since alpha.

    Adv. Repulsions system, the old version of MFFS. So i don't have to switch them out, the coolant injector automatically fills them. Those reactors are already fullly automated on my end using a turtle.

    Mass Fab > auto crafting table. Nice supply of Lapis

    I build everything in creative mode cause i really cba to get everything in survival on SSP.

    I've ran both those reactors for many hours and full cycles

    High eu Output.6 Chamber

    Eu/T : 3280
    Efficency : 5.47/5.47
    Heat is always at zero, if you have a good supply of Lapi Luzli
    Link : http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…trhf6uzaijbllrnbjx5pb2j28

    Breeder (not the best but it charges the isotope cells pretty quick)
    6 Chamber
    Eu/t : 540
    Efficency : 2.78/5.78
    Reachrge Per Tick : 900
    Per isotope : 100
    Per Uranium : 25
    I run the Heat at 25.500, if you got a good supply of Lapis Lazuli You should be good
    Link : http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…dgpzwjkg6phsiqpe4oa93720v

    but i have tried to run it full cycle, reflector and uranium finished at the same time

    breeder can rechage damaged uranium right?
    but how can i rechage a dual-uranium cell?

    You can't recharge a dual uranium cell, when they become deplted they go down to singles, therefore you need to convert them stick them in to your breeder then craft them in to uranium cells then in to dual.

    When the cells become depleted you should have 2 deplted cells stacked on each other

    Got a simple suggestion for the reactor containment field, instead of defining the maxHeat, make it so it gets the maxHeat from the reactor.

    For example i make a breeder reactor with Heat-Capcaity Reactor plating, that makes the max temp go up.

    Right now with me running my breeder hot i can not turn off the forcefield for the reactor unless i take out the card.

    Do the same with the reactor cooler as well

    Or give an option where you can make it kick on automatically when it hits the maxheat you have defined or not kick on at all unless it's power by a lever/redstone