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    It generates at least in plains and in forest biomes.
    You can get the information from feed-the-beast wiki.

    Like i said: i've already tried google, and wiki, and forums, because of not finding any info on this, i asked here. I am not using the vanilla biomes, or BXXL i am using BOP, which is not part of FTB,
    I am not using FTB (or any other modpack):
    I have my own selection of mods i like, no modded launchers of any kind - and yes, finding and applying updates for ever. single. solitary. mod. ... is fun for the whole family, but at least this way i only have what i need/like.

    No, but it has Gregtech.
    Bauxite will probably not spawn in the new biomes, but the others will.

    It is a brand new world, and should have bauxite every single (allowed) biomes. I just dont know where to look for them. I cant tell, if every "forest" (ominous wood, promised land, redwood, arctic, bamboo...etc) and "plains" (chaparral, garden, grassland...etc) types are supported or just 1-2 specific ones.

    Greg, could you please tell me in which BOP biomes bauxite ores spawn? I've tried wiki, but the information is not direct, as it does not list individual spawns per generator. I would not bother you if i had not tried google, forums and wikies first :(
    Thank you!

    You DO know that I already added that?

    Hmm..My apologies then. I have almost literally turned my world upside down, but no luck, tried layers 11-50. Which biomes do the ores spawn in?
    (ps: i have bauxite generation enabled in the config, and i currently have B:"Vanilla Biomes Enhanced"=true in BOP's cfg - can this affect it?)

    Hey Greg, i am sure, you are sick and/or tired of these type of questions...but... do you think its possible to add support for Biomes-o-plenty? I have started a new world and only after 30 hours i realized, that i do not have any bauxite spawning (ruby and sapphire , and all the other ores are fine though...). :(

    Thanks for your reply in advance :)