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    First off Quat really only use for those tools is the hoe, everything else is ddrill/ chain not my primary target to rip into, the nano is; First off nano, have you seen the recopies? it's your ENERGY crystal tier Quat is your Lapotron tier. The tools, don't get me started there, 9001% USELESS(save maybe the hoe again), by the time you're up to nano armour you batpack and drill, usually dimanded = dimand pick power; having nano that is only as strong as iron is rather a waste of space/item ID's.

    edit: >.>; murdered the spelling

    In "real life", the current loss is applied as a percentage, not "by packet" as in the game. You'll notice, if you're sending the proper size packets through a line, that the percnetage of EU lost is lower on the high voltage lines for cables of the same length.

    This is why I stepped the output from my wind farm up to EV before running a line down to my house. I lose a mere 48 EU out of 2048 for the 60-block trip, where I would lose 24 out of every 128 EU packet with gold cable (meaning I'd have only 1664 EU out of every 2048 sent). That means my triple-insulated HV cable is 20% more efficient than gold for transmitting the desired volume of current over the needed length.

    Yes, I'm aware that glass fiber would lose only 3 EU out of every 2048, but honestly, why waste 15 diamonds to make a line that long when iron suits the particular task?

    this is also why i prefer tin and copper, i dont need to step it, sure i cant store as much in one spot but no need to mess with trasformers.

    oh i see, if the chuck that already load it will not contain any new block in new mod right? then i need to explore out to make MC update new chuck and valla!! new ore

    that save me lot of time to rebuild everything since i was playing with my friends, now the only thing we need to do is expand out.

    thank for answer :D

    An Alternative would to use MCEdit, and prune teh world to teh chunks you want to keep, this would regen Everythign else, its wat i did to my "federation Command" map when i was "forced" (Because of Indrustral Rage adding it) to add Redpower. all it took was a few moents, if you want fire me your save and i can do it in a few minuites.

    Fast Edit: It dont change the underground terrain much i had a 2X1 minshaft to bedrck, cliping a Ravine on its floor on the "1" side, i did this it was still there execly the same shape as how i left it. (that 1 side was teh edge of the chunk that was saved.)

    Really happy i did join the server, its a great community, time belt seems to be about (Alantic Canada time) morning (0500-0800) 10-15 people; evening (1800-0230) 35-40 even maxed a few days :D. All those people with no fps lag or block lag on a 32X Texture Pack, a nidge of FPS on my 128X TP but :P

    Im working on a large (100*100) (140,000 blocks soilid) Bent pyrimid apartment project that i will be offering rooms (equiped with some machines) and a rail and Qsuit tunnet to the border outpost also under construction; to anyone that is new to the server once its built; intinal construction is still unfornualy at least a week out at this moment:/(about 15% done) just not enough spare time to mine all the mats i need.

    you could also set it to soming insanely expensive (mass fab)

    Ah but thats just it. I have tried logging in for over an hour, nothing. Downloaded a new version, the new launcher wont connect either. I've done everything possible to fix it if it was just a momentary login bug, but it isn't. Apparently I screwed up somewhere and messed with minecraft.

    Check to makesure your firewall is configed right, router etc. IF that all failes, yell at your ISP (internet service provider) and tell them to fix the issue cause its not your end if that all checks out.

    are you able to ping the minecraft site and get a ping back on commandpromt (Assuming you are using windows here)

    The only part that Albalaka has changed is the ore/cave generation, which is the last pass of the terrain generator. Your topography will be the same, but your ores probably won't be.

    What i find is with IC2 From a vinnilla seed to a IC2 seed the train will be marginaly changed, not gratly, but a little. caves are mostly teh same, the ores are the major thing that change.

    I would be willing to give a hand at making HD versions.