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    I encountered problems with java, so first I did a computer restart. Then I reinstalled Java. After that I reinstalled FTB, but now it says that I don't have twilight forest, but I checked the mods, and it is still there. For some reason I can't join, so I don't know what to do.

    You say that you have added me, but it says that I am not whitelisted on the server.

    "Diconnected by Server

    You are not white-listed on this server!"

    Are you sure you added me, and/or typed my name correctly?

    Username: Houdini111
    Main mods you like: Wireless Redstone, RedPower, EE3 (though I prefer EE2 :( ), XYcraft, Buildcraft
    Experience: I have just started playing the pack this week, but I have been playing FTB for about a month, and Technic/Tekkit for months
    About me: I love big bases and really advanced technology. I am not afraid to use what some other players may consider cheaty (ie: Solar Panels, etc.). I don't know tons about everything, but I always willing, and love to, learn. I generally remain quiet and do my thing, and I'll probably be on around once a week, with varying total activity.