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    There never was any Alloy Smelting Recipe using Fluids. With what Machine did you even create that? There is no Machine as to my knowledge that could do that, since there is always just one Fluid Input.

    Copper + Molten Redstone in the Fluid Solidifier? Didn't that recipe existed like 10 versions ago, or am I dreaming?

    While checking an item from Botania that should scout for ores, this particular piece of code doesn't seem to be able to find any ores from GT.

    1. Block block = world.getBlock(xp, yp, zp);
    2. int meta = world.getBlockMetadata(xp, yp, zp);
    3. ItemStack orestack = new ItemStack(block, 1, meta);
    4. int id = OreDictionary.getOreIDs(orestack);
    5. String s = OreDictionary.getOreName(id);
    6. if(s.matches("^ore[A-Z].+")) {

    Doesn't GT register it's ores in the oredict? At least that's what it says on NEI. Anyone has any ideas why this is not working? Does GT does something different in it's ores?

    Relevant links:…item/

    With IC2 build 297, I get this crash.

    Can't even place a Fuel Rod inside the nuclear reactor, the crash happened as soon as I placed it.

    Did anyone see this report? Can anyone confirm if it has this behavior when the inventory fills up completely?

    Does the new version of GregTech explodes the machines when they are outside the rain? If it does, in which version this was added? Because this destroys my void ages setup to get better FPS and really cool looking designs.

    Just as an update, the machine keeps moving the tiny pile of dusts from the last inventory slot to the output slot without ever crafting the real dust.

    While running MC 1.4.7 in FTB Ultimate, the Electric Craftingtable bugs and stops working. It drags the item in the last slot (slot 9, bottom right on the screen) and move to the output.

    I have one Export Bus from Applied Energistics connected to the input slot, and one Import Bus connected to the output slot.

    I agree that there isn't enough documentation, but there have been many mentions of these coils and overspending lately.

    I've seen 2 of those in random thoughts after people had already failed to achieve the heat level, but I haven't see anything official from gregorious, that's why I was asking. In which version this was changed, does anyone knows?


    I just noticed that the Industrial Blast Furnace was changed at some point, and the machine casings doesn't give 100 HK anymore, but 70HK, cool, and you need to add Coils (need 4 of those at a single time) to upgrade the heat capacity. Ok, now we don't need any more Advanced Casing, but we can't share the adv casing between multiple blast furnaces, so we need to add those coils to each Blast Furnace. I loved this idea, I really did.

    But please, why you didn't post saying that you changed this? I follow your development as close I as can, because you are the author of my favorite mod, but somehow I didn't see any mentions on the change of the casings.


    I want to play with this mod, but the auto generated config file is so small that I can't modify it a bit. I wanted to remove the possibility to craft diamond our of diamond dusts (make it use the GregTech Implosion Compressor), fix some recipes (output the right kind of dust, that's being used by every other mod) and remove the Theoritical Elementizer (just doesn't work on SMP, fun on SSP though). I'm running v5.4.1 on MC 1.4.7.

    Also, I get a crash while trying to look the recipes on NEI on the Metallurgic Infuser.

    BTW, thanks for the mod, you have some really cool ideas (the furnace is so cool!)

    Generated config file. I think it's missing some options