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    Smart man, you figured out what the error meant instead of whining. Let me explain: MFFS links to Thunderdark's GitHub repo to look up version numbers to find out if there's an update available. Unfortunately, Thunderdark has retired from modding and has, presumably, closed down the MFFS repo leading to the error. For future reference, MFFS is now being developed by Calclavia of the Universal Electricity API, who assures everyone that they will strive to keep IC2 compatibility for use of IC2 EU in the MFFS machines. Link to the page is as follows:

    According to the page, Calclavia is bringing some substantial changes to MFFS when MC 1.5 drops. Most notably is that Forcicum will be deprecated and replaced with Fortron.

    Thank you for explaining this, sorry about the pointlessness of the post. Makes perfect sense, the only reason I posted here was that it still feels and plays like an IC2 addon, and since it is still commonly being put in modpacks, I was unaware that the maintenance for the mod had moved to a different page.

    Sorry once again, and thanks!

    This may be a known issue, however, I would like to attempt to report it here anyway.

    When MFFS is initialized on my Direwolf20 Pack (FTB) Server, which has been upgraded with the latest forge and XyCraft 0.10.18, but other than that has been untouched.
    There is a FileNotFoundException thrown, I believe this is due to either the file being moved, or the wrong address trying to be accessed by the InputStream. The file not being found is the Remote Version Info file.

    The Stack Trace:

    This shouldn't be a serious error, but I wanted you to be aware of it.