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    So do you wanna play a fun server and such? Well come join us at LEGACY MINECRAFT WOOOT....
    Note: Open to any suggestions, please feel free to let me know any you have. Thanks.
    The rules are simple.
    1.Follow typical things, dont be a greifer, dont be rude, dont steal, etc.
    2. Do not use stuff that causes alot of entities. Example: Setting off 100 tnt in a 5 block radius. Tnt is fine to use smartly.
    3. Follow what a gm says(noted by gm next to their text ingame).
    4. Do not exploit any glitches(this includes xray,flight etc), if found doing so, all your items and chests will be destroyed and you will be banned.
    5. Dont cuss excessivly as there may or not be children playing.

    Anyways, so its a modded server with the mods industrialcraft2, bc2.2+, forestry, extrabees, enderchest, redpower, wireless redstone... All the good stuff

    Plugins we have are:
    Residence: allows you to make a residence(use stick to define area and string to get info on the area) Residence wiki for help with it.(also should protect ic2 blocks )
    Lockette: Allows you to lock chests and such with this(if in a residence shouldnt be needed)info page

    Right now the server is still being worked on, so it may go down, ill try to give warning, but no promise on time it will go down. So with that, im making the server live.

    Main site atm, Info pagewill be changed later to a cover site. Go there for links to mods and configs and such

    You can do whitelist apps here on mcf or on this site Server forum

    Minecraft User Name
    Location (country, or state if in US)
    Do you know anything about the mods?
    Have you ever been banned, and why?

    Have to register account there and post in that forum.

    If you have any problems please post here or there. Thanks. We wish for yall to have fun.

    Oh yeah, server ip is:


    Anyone know an easy way for me to update the id's on the server to prevent rp block id conflicts with 1.0, cause i dunno without breaking EVERYthing, and tbh, mcedit changing a crapton of id's is not fun, so i may trim it down again, and get it as close as i can and change only marble and basalt and cobble basalt, not sure what else to do about it. Any ideas?

    YAY it worked, <3 midas XD

    1: are chunkloading blocks permitted for long distance orl pumping outside the 1k-x/z area(WHILE ONLINE OF COURSE)? Yes Even while off is fine
    2: are underground fillers permitted(some servers dont allow them cause dumb people die by falling while digging)? Yes so long as you pick up blocks/ask an admin to remove them via commands(note this deletes the fallen blocks permantly)
    3: if i join will you give me a cookie? Sure?
    4: i tend to be an asshole if people REALLY piss me off(they should be banned long before that but just have to say) will that be a concern here? so long as you dont instigate it, its fine, they annoy you let an admin know
    5:if the answer to 3 is a tes and 4 a no, can i have another cookie? no one cookie per
    6: is RP permitted here? Yes all parts of rp are on the server
    7: if the answer to 5 is yes, can i have a hug AND another cookie? gah, can you do fine with a cookie only

    Note it may be you only atm , kinda bored of mc atm, will play more when i can update all of it to 1.0 so dont be supprised by yourself

    I did both on skyrim, but ill add you as soon as you give me your mc ign, unless Rsdogy is it, if so please say so and ill add ya :)


    atm guys we are full for testing purposes, ill add yall if we end up allowing more.