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    Well, you aren't blasting many long tunnels then. I blast tunnels that are over 500 tiles long, to do that i need 167 sticks of dynamite. That is ~70 gunpowder to make one tunnel.
    If i didn't cut holes then i would have to use 500 sticks of dynamite... See what i mean by waste?
    As for diamond armor and diamond tools and diamond period. That would be fine and dandy if only one had lots of diamond to spare...
    And i don't find much joy in manually killing mobs. The odd gunpowder i get from creepers is enough for about 64 sticks of dynamite to get myself started with blasting but the real source of gunpowder i get from redstone and coal dust recipe.


    When jumping from a 128 block height, the fueled jetpack hover mode
    activates at 112 block height, electric jetpack activates at cca 72
    block height. Shouldnt the hover mode activate as soon as youre
    airborne, or is this how its ment to be?

    Great addon and a great idea too, ty vm, taking solar panels to the next level, im gonna dl it now and test it. Now with a big enough flower, the mass fab can choke on energy, that hungry bastard :D I really dont get it, what the bitchting was all about, if you dont like it, dont use it, problem solved, move on. I personally find the upgrade very usefull, I use solar panels all the time, no need for maintenance, no need refilling, no worries about getting nuked, no worries youll glow in the dark :D ... just leave it and it will charge up your batboxes/MFEs/MFSs, wich will always be charged. Perfect for outposts and if you dont like geothermal gens, you can even cable it down to your underground outposts. Easy peasy. The idea with the config hits the nail on the head, so everyone can change it, according to its needs.

    Laser beams in mining mode break only half blocks of the 6 wich is written in the wiki. So instead of breaking 6 smoothstones it breaks only 3 if you stand next to the block. If you stand 1 block away, the beam will break only 2 smoothstones and the beam doesnt travel as far as written in the wiki (64 blocks).