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    Yes Choco, I get HOW plates work, but what I'm asking is "why?", as in "Why the plate-crafting system at all?"

    If it was strictly about "flexibility of materials" then why didn't the devs just use ingots? Clearly there was a reason for adding plates as opposed to just modifying the recipes to use more materials, and I'm just wondering what their train of thought was.

    While we're on the subject, why WERE the recipes changed? What did the dev team see "wrong" with the old recipes that was "fixed" with the new system?

    EDIT: I ask because I too do not see this as being any sort of improvement, so I'm basically asking what the merits are of this system over the old one, because to me it looks like change for its own sake.

    Hello all!

    I was playing the new IC2 Experimental fork, when I noticed that bronze is currently unobtainable without an ore washing plant (you need the metal dust to craft it).

    Is there a plan to change this going forward, or is Bronze going to become a "Tier 2" material? Bronze tools used to be extremely handy in the earlygame while iron was still scarce, but this is no longer the case. Obviously you need it to craft wrenches... and going so long without a wrench is a bit of a gameplay hazard.

    I completely understand that IC2 Experimental is exactly that... just looking for some info, that's all.