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    [*]Tinker's Construct is now pretty much straight-up incompatible with GregTech, as per the latest changes to TiC yesterday. Who cares anyway ~SpwnX
    'Tis true! The mod is OP and silly :P

    Well I hadn't planned of touching TiC when going for a collection of my favorite tech mods. The last time I checked (which admittedly was quite a while ago) pretty much all features were either pointless, redundant or overpowered when used with many other tech mods.

    I see there is drama going on again, at least that didn't change since I last posted here.
    So yeah, I've been gone for a few months, wasn't that exited about Minecraft anymore and on my slow laptop it wasn't any fun playing anyways, with 10 FPS tops.
    Keeping up with the thread was a little much after a while, so I haven't read the last few hundred pages.
    So how are you guys? What have I missed? Anything especially awesome or weird that happened the last months?
    And most significantly, since I haven't messed around with GT for a long time, what do you think is the single most significant change that happened since I stopped looking into it (around MC 1.5.2)?
    Since I have build myself a new PC over the weekend, I'll probably be playing MC again in the next time, even though other games will probably take up more of my free time for a while. So of course I'll have to check in with my favorite mod (or well, addon).

    I looked through the config myself and I also only found options for turning off specific amplifiers, but not for any finetuning. With all the different mods that are around that can make certain amplifiers easier (or in rare cases harder) to aquire, I would actually find it useful to have a config option for that. In case a mod makes an amplifier much easier to get, but you don't want to turn it off completely, you could nerf it yourself to balance it out as you feel is appropriate.

    My config is already "B:electricsteeltools=false" and my Diamond Drill is still with some pretty hard crafting...

    The diamond drill is a quick pickaxe and shovel replacement that never runs out and you only need to feed it a bit on energy. Unless you lose it, you only have to craft it once. That's some pretty advanced shit. And you are whining because Greg made it just a little harder to aquire this advanced piece of hardware? Seriously come on. Next you complain that quantum armor is too hard to get and you still don't have one after a couple days of playing.

    Have you tried going into the config and changing the default IDs? That's what you usually do with ID conflicts.
    edit: PS: You are not supposed to come to mod authors with ID conflicts, because they can't do anything about them. You are supposed to resolve them, since you have all the tools to do so (again: configs).

    What can I say google translate...

    Google translate is a sure way to either misunderstanding or hilarity. Or both quite often.

    edit: @Greg: `Kaiser´ is also a legitimate translation for emperor. Both Napoleon and the German Wilhelm II for example would be called emperor in English, `Kaiser´ in German. English does not differentiate between the meanings of the German words `Imperator´ and `Kaiser´.

    Vanilla MC highlights whatever block you are aiming at already. I see no reason why we'd need anything more.

    Sure the block, but not which of the squares to know which way the block will be rotated. I would find it quite useful to get quick visual information to make it easier to aim in the right spot for the desired rotation. I think that would make manipulating the blocks quicker and more intuitive.

    Alright thanks man. Will they still work with the GT recipes though? I forget what it was, maybe the industrial blast furnace where you need 2x Induction Furnace. Will those be replaced properly with ones from immibis?

    Induction Furnace is a vanilla IC2 machine, not a Advanced Machines one. So yes, it will work fine.
    edit: Quintine : Ninja'd me with an edit you cheaty little ******* :P

    Here is an idea I had, that I later found has been pitched all over the forums.
    Mutiblock nuclear reactor

    So you knew it had been suggested already and you decided to suggest it again? There have been two others suggesting multiblock reactors before you, just in the last couple days if I remember correctly. I don't know how many suggested it before that. Probably another dozen. And Greg has already confirmed that he will do it, so why suggest it again?

    though sometimes it seems a little too easy. CF foam is super cheap and easy, and now you can make it look like nearly anything.

    True. It is cheap as all hell. It does make some things achievable though that weren't before and gives you more creative freedom with your builds. Has both its good and bad sides I guess.

    Ah, so it's only construction foam? I thought I read somewhere it worked on cables, but I must have misread it. I will try foaming my cables first then.

    The original IC incarnation of the device was only used on cables. But since there is now CF for coating your cables they changed it to be used on that instead, when they brought it back in IC2 recently. That has the nice side effect, that it can now be used on ALL CF blocks, not only the one that have cable in them. So you want a wall that is fire resistant and creeper safe, but you want it to look like wood? No problem, just make it from CF and "paint" a nice wood texture on it :D

    I offer to add own Adv. Solar Panels in GT. You may balance it with mod (gen, In, Out and recipe).

    GregTech doesn't need any advanced solars. They usually tend to be overpowerd or useless anyways. In real life solars are incredibly weak, and they shouldn't be able to make up your main energy production in the game either.
    I'd rather have multiblock power plants that you can configure for different fuels and that emit steam to be used in a turbine. I might write a more detailed description of what I have in mind in the suggestions thread soon. But generally it would be a more realistic way of generating power, similar to how power plants work in real life.
    I interned in a workshop for apprentices at a large coal power plant once and also got some time in the actual workshop when the appretices and their instructors were on vacation. I got to see quite a bit of the inside and outside of power plants and I actually got a tour of the construction site for a new block unit being build right there by one of the engineers that worked there. One of the largest and most modern ones in Germany. Quite impressive stuff. I would love to see a form a variable, configurable power generation in the game that allows you to build power plants in different sizes, with different efficiencies and for different fuels.