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    @bove That was a joke. I of course like the €uro, and I just refered to an exploit with marks being used to make copper thats sold for more marks for more copper...Nice, but not legal.

    Well yeah, that's a common problem with different currencies that use coins. Often enough the low value coins are worth less than the materials they are made from, just look at the pennies in the US. They should really get rid of them, just as the 1 and 2 cent coins should stop being made in Europe. The Netherlands did it already, prices are rounded to 5 cents here and the 1 and 2 cent coins aren't minted anymore, which saves a lot of money, and you end up with less small coins in your wallet.

    I actually would like the Mark back. And I totally don't want this because of exploits(Yes, there are exploits in Real Life!).

    I wouldn't, I actually like the Euro, it makes things a lot easier, despite some of the economical problems with it, it has many upsides as well. And for me it would be a major hassle not to have it, as I live in the Netherlands, my whole family lives in Germany and I would be exchanging money left and right which would probably be a significant cost factor for me.

    If you have railcraft you an pulverise obsidian with the Rock Crusher.

    True, I forgot about that, but that would still leave me with the Induction Smelter, as that would still more than double the metal you get from ores, which would be balance breaking in my planned mod setup.
    Nobody with a bit of java knowledge that would be willing to help out? I just need to know how the fuction defining the output of the machines looks like, so I can change it. Shouldn't be too hard once I figured out how that part of the code works.

    I think there was a Xycraft recipe for it.

    I can't find one, maybe you confused it with Xycraft glass viewers? And yes, the problem is that since there will be no IC² and no other mod that includes the ability to pulverize obsidian the pulverizer is necessary, as is the induction smelter to make the hardened glass, which, as you know is needed for liquiducts. That's why just disabling the machines isn't an option. I'm gonna see if I can find any way around it, but nerfing the recipes would be the optimal way.

    Edit: confirmed that disbling the machines in the config doesn't change the recipe for hardened glass, nor is there a config option to do that. So apparently KingLemming didn't make a way around that. You are either stuck with his overpowered oreprocessing or you can't use large parts of his mod at all.

    As everyone is talking about java code already, I want to pitch in my own question. I wanted to make a collection of mods (once all of them are updated to 1.5.1) with a Steampunk/Arcanepunk theme, and I wanted to include TE for its liquiducts and some general machinery. TE ore processing would totally break the balace in this the mod configuration though, there would be no reason to use the Infernal Furnce from Thaumcraft 3 anymore for example. So I went ahead and asked KingLemming if he would consider making a config option to deactivate ore processing in the Pulverizer and Induction Smelter (many other recipes already have such an option), or if he is unwilling to provide such a config if he would tell my how to change it manually. He didn't see fit to answer at all though, so I decided to look into the code myself, which is easy enough, as TE isn't obfuscated. With my almost total lack of understanding for java I can't seem to identify the lines I'm searching for though. I thought it would be fine to just tune down the primary output of these machines to 1 dust/ingot per ore, so that it would be balanced with the other mods. Anyone have an idea what I need to be looking for there? Since "nerfing all the things" is always appreciated in this threat I thought someone might be willing to give a helpful answer.

    Didn't keep up with the thread the last two days or so, so here we go:

    Couldn't just leave me alone and drop it could you? That's lovely...

    I'm pretty sure that wasn't addressed at you, you are really sensitive there friend, all the more reason not to choose a name that people might take as an invitation to joke about. But more importantly, just loosen up a bit, people are just joking around, don't take everything as an attack.

    So THAT'S why you and Greg hate me... O_o because your both the same nationality

    Not all Germans hate you, I don't at least.

    How do you even manage to play the game? I play MC on a laptop that's better than yours, but still I never get 20 FPS on a modded install, I'm glad if I don't get drops below 10 all the time.

    wait... greg is german? yay we share the same nationality!

    I kinda get the feeling that quite a large percentage of the regulars in this thread are German.


    Nevermind, I guess you're not really German then :P (just kidding). Also that's Bavaria for you non-Germans.

    You can't. That's fully intended. I don't wanna people having move Upgrades around on demand.

    I think it would suffice to just make it inconvenient enough so that people don't use the upgrades for multiple machines, like the already suggested machine for upgrade removal, so you'd have to dissemble the machine and put the block into another machine that removes the upgrade slowly and with an energy cost. Can't imagine lots of people trying to have several machines share an upgrade that way.

    Edit: Fixed a quote I messed up

    How do I make hot tungstensteel now?
    have 2.9h and my full advanced machineblock blastfurnace w/ 2 lava block in the middel hads just 2880 heat! i need 3000

    You'll have to use upgrades to get the Blast furnace to full heat capacity. Just rightclick it with 4 Kanthal coils and for max capacity again with 4 NiChrome coils. That way you actually need way less advanced machine casings.

    does anynone know a good alternativ to rp2 lamps, for gates I found powercraft, who has a lot of gates and nice deco stuff :X so maybe gregtech lamps :P?

    Xycraft lamps are pretty much the same as the normal cubic lamps and inverted lamps from RP, only they don't have as clean of a texture. Depending on your style of build they might fit in better or worse.

    How are they broken? o.o

    Asking myself the same thing here, I never noticed anything broken about them. But since they are from RP they must be I guess :huh:

    True, you can get a whole lot of it from the End but to me personally it would be a bit nicer to have a way of getting platinum from the overworld as well. Ferrous ore is tad bit too common, yes, but that's a different problem :)

    The great thing about TE ore generation is that it is highly configurable. If you want less Ferrous ore in your world, you can change how common and how big ore clusters are.

    Hey just installed your mod into a private server pack today and everything worked fine until I decided to update ThaumicBees to its newest version as well and that broke everything:
    Crash Log
    FML Log
    It crashes at startup shortly after hanging at the Mojang splash. Sorry if this was answered somewhere already, I spent probably the better half of an hour scouring the web but no one else seemed to have any problems like this anywhere else.

    Thanks in advance and if this is something I should be reporting to the ThaumicBees author (MysteriousAges) instead, I'll gladly do so.

    e: If you're not familiar with ThaumicBees, it just added metal nuggets which I assume GregTech is trying to add and that's where the problem is, though I'm sure you can tell that from the error, just giving you a heads up.

    I can assure you that Greg will say what he always does when he gets a report like that: "That's not my error."
    And since ThaumicBees seems to have caused the crash he will probably be right. Why did you come here first, when you got the crash after updating TB and the FML log shows that the crash occured after trying to load TB? Wouldn't ThaumicBees be the obvious first place to go to?

    Also welcome to the forum! Hope you'll stay for more than just posting errorlogs.

    Tesseracts and water flow :-P

    As for AE, yeah, it does have "magic wires" but thanks to that it is pretty close to lag-free. It's nowere near as taxing on system/network as any sort of pipe network. Turning off animations (blinking lights on any sort of update in the network) will make it completely lag-free.

    Oh yes, the good old water flow XD Well I guess from 1.5 onwards you could also count vanilla hoppers, droppers, dispensers, etc. for fully automatic systems.
    Tesseracts are just incredibly lame and OP. Well I guess Ender Storage enderchests are too and I do use those for convenience so I can access and drop off items while I'm not at my base.
    And for AE, the lag-freeness is probably one of the most attractive things about it, and I might actually use it, most likely in combination with GT automation. I think I'll still miss RP automation if I get rid of RP at some point. Anyone have an idea how best to automate apiaries without BC or RP? GT automation would be both really expensive as well as bulky for that I'd think, since the electric sorter can only direct item flow into two different directions and I would need three, so I'd need two sorters in a row.

    I've said it before and I say it again, she is pretty much a female and silent version of flowerchild in terms of how childish she is.

    I would count the silence as an advantage in her favour at least. Nobody needs FC's verbal diarrhea. Also I'd say she is still more cooperative than him, even if just barely. I still like RP2, despite the unfixed bugs, but the worst part of RP2 is Eloraam. If she'd just loosen up a bit and take herself a little less and other a little more serious, the mod could still have a bright future ahead, but as it is right now I see it dying a slow and painful death.

    Right now I'm looking for good replacements for all the different functions of her mod for future Minecraft worlds and possibly a server if I find the time and dedication to set one up. Some of the GT automation could replace the RP one, but I still find it lacking in some parts and also extremely expensive, so it is really only feasibly to build GT automation on a larger scale once you have a large amount of resources and a good power supply. I've looked into AE a little bit, and I like some of it's concepts, but I kinda miss the engineering you need with many other automations, as it is essentially inexplicable transformation of matter into energy/data and transmission through magic wire. I do like Railcraft for more realistic transportation over distances (more realistic than pipes or magic wire at least). Are there any other automations that I'm unaware of? I don't really want to resort to Buildcrash pipes and OP Factorisation routers.