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    Some time ago scientists thought of the idea of making gold from lead by taking some protons and electrons away (I could be wrong but whatever...). This could be achieved by using a particle collider (The cost of using the particle collider outweighed the profits...)

    That has been done already, but never on any bigger scale, as it isn't economically feasible. You don't even need a particle collider for that, you can radiate platinum or a specific mercury isotope that makes up 0.15% of natural mercury. I'm sure you are aware that neither of those ways would make any sense whatsoever, neither in real life nor in the game, and not only because you would need a breeder reactor and because the process would be terribly slow.

    Now that there is a fix for the electrolyzer GUI bug available, is there any other reason not to upgrade GT to that version? Currently I'm still playing on 282c currently. Any other bugs in the newer 1.4.7 compatible versions that I should consider?

    On alot of private servers everyone is op (Mindcrack ect) so Safes would be pointless. Pretty sure vanilla safes can be opened by admins.

    Yes, vanilla safes can be opened by admins. But afaik only Guude, Baj and GenerikB are OP on Mindcrack. I think it's stupid to OP everyone unless it's on a small server where you know and trust everyone. And if you know and trust everyone you don't need safes.

    And how would you go about extracting the amounts of uranium needed for hundred of reactors from sea water? The amounts of uranium dissolved in sea water are incredibly low (luckily). Extracting enough for even a few reactors would require an industrial park, processing large quantities of sea water every day. That would not only require a lot of energy in itself, but also be extremely harmful to the environment, maybe even more so than current methods of obtaining uranium (which is already hard to imagine). Also keep in mind that the uranium content in the sea water around such a facility would go down over time, unless you have a strong current bringing fresh water in all the time. All in all, this would probably make nuclear power way more expensive than most renewable energies. How would you even go about isolating pure uranium from the water in an efficient manner that allows to process enomous amounts? It might also be worth mentioning that most uranium is useless for power production, only a few isotopes can be used for nuclear fission.
    All in all solar power is much more sustainable in the long run, especially when talking about solar thermal power plants, not photovoltaic panels on roofs. Of course right now it is more expensive and also has much less power density. And it will never be able to sustain even our current energy usage, but no power source can do that for too long. When the material for nuclear reactors runs low, coal will already not worth burning anymore because all easily accessible deposits will be long depleted and the rising prices would make all power made from coal unaffordable for industries and private usage.

    Dense lead plate, 4 lead ingots, compatible with dense copper plate would be my suggestion.

    While that would be realistic, I think it might be too cheap if you have a mod like TE that puts lead ore into the world, not just the GT galena ore. But I definitely think you should be able to use lead to make your reactors less harsh on the copper. Then the stored up lead in my storage would actually get some use. I pretty much only use it for the cheap RE-battery recipe.

    the real cost of copper is NOT the copper in the quad cells, it's the copper in the damn reactor components! Every other component in a reactor needs a dense copper plate for something.

    Yes, but then again, it shouldn't be too cheap to build either. Just like in real life, where reactors are extremely expensive to build, but once they are build they provide lots of power at a cheap price. And if you run your reactor for a longer period of time, the building costs are not going to go up, while the copper costs for the multicells will keep on stacking up. You'll have to have TE and centrifuge a lot of lava to keep up with the running costs. Or constantly keep quarrying.

    Nuclear outclasses pretty much everything but *maybe* windtowers unless you install advanced/compact solars. (Yes, it outlasses nether lava, by rather a lot, as you'd ahve to move the pump a couple times per day in order to put out what a multiple core setup can do in gregtech).

    Yes, if you are fine with converting copper into EU you are right. But as I'm constantly low on copper the costs of the multicells combined with the craptons of copper going into the reactor design itself make it so it's not worth using a lot of it for me. If you quarry out whole landscapes you probably won't have any issues with these costs.

    edit: Fixed my quote. I don't know how you were even able to read what what I posted Requia.

    Greg: seen first reports on your new reactor systems, less than half the power and more heat? WTF.

    Really? I just recently got my first reactor going and I have to say they are barely worth it as is, even when going for efficiency. Investment cost for an efficient reactor are high and even then you have to put in resources to make multicells. If Greg nerfs them even further, I think that's the last reactor I made, as there are other methods of energy production that come at a lower (read: no) running costs and that are easier to automate.

    Having watched a few streams from forgecraft there have been numerous cases where devs there were asking other devs how dared they do anything to provide interoperability with RP2 stuff without eloraams consent. There were cases similar to even having saplings from her trees be used in automated farms or those xycraft growing blocks. She is draconian beyond belief and I'm almost certain when she does decide to stop developing RP2 she'll rather remove all traces of it from the internet than allow ANYONE besides herself to touch the code.

    That's what I fear too, she seems so obsessed with having to control even the tiniest piece of code in her mod as everything other mods do related to it, that it seems impossible she would ever give anyone else control over it. Really she should have gotten a co-developer that buys into her vision of the mod long ago. Because as it is, not only is it updating slowly, we're also never gonna see a full release, because she plans big, but doesn't nearly have the time to deliver. That and she should make an API for people to interact with her stuff, because if more people are able to contribute to it, it would only make the mod better instead of people just being frustrated that half the stuff doesn't work as smoothly as it could be. The most ironic thing about it is still the first page of the RP2 thread on the Minecraft forums, were she has a post stating that she thinks about making the mod open source at some point, because she likes open source.

    Are matterfabricators and IESUs possible in real life? No, but they are still in the mod. Gregtech is all about making super advanced machines and adding things that aren't possible in real life. So why not add a very-advanced lightning rod, since lightning is awesome? I think it would make the game more fun, and really the point of the game is to have fun. I guess that's just my opinion though.

    I guess you're right, it just struck me as weird that you would cite an article that basically says "lightning is not a feasible power source" as a reason why lightning rods should give more power. I do think for an advanced lightning rod (or even any lightning rod at all) you should have to use something other than iron fence. I guess you can imagine yourself what lightning would do to a long iron pole.

    Suggestion: Tier 2 lightning rod. It would be a ridiculously hard to make multiblock structure requiring tons of supercondensators to handle the 10m EU packets. It would generate 1 billion EU per stike (here it says each strike produces 1 billion joules of energy:…-as-an-energy-source.html) and last 1/2 a second, otherwise you would lose energy. I know 1 billion EU sounds like a lot, but it requires TONS of supercondensators to fully harness the energy.

    The article also says it's "completely, utterly unfeasible to use lightning for electricity". So that gives you the idea that we should get more energy from lightning? If anything it would imply that even a normal lightningrod would need more advanced technology to even make this power accessible.

    Currently they can be overclocked by rightclicking with an upgrade.
    Upgrades are permanent. (You can see them in the tooltip when you wrench it)

    Actually with the versions included in current FTB packs he can't overclock them at all, that feature has only been in beta version prior to 1.5.1.

    So, I place the industrial blast furnace and the advanced coils togeter on the crafting table, right?

    Is there somewhere a recipe list for the new beta's recipes?
    A link to them would be nice. Thank you in advance!

    You right click the Industrial Blast Furnace with 4 of the coils in your hand to upgrade it. Use the lower tier ones first (Kanthal), then the higher tier ones (NiChrome).

    edit: Damn it, too slow XD

    I am assuming Greg Tech is responsible for all dusts to smelt into the Factorization ignot type? (At least I think it is Factorization. 4 different copper ignots and I only recognize IC2's by sight.)
    Could it be made possible (If not already possible.) To have a config option on letting us choose which ignot type dusts smelt into?

    Did you actually look at the config? Because your post sounds like you didn't. And you should have, since there actually is a config option for this. Look for Ore dictionary unification. Default option would be RedPower if installed, just change that to false and the one you prefer to true. That's all it takes, and from then on all types of furnaces only spit out IC² ingots or whatever you decide to go with. If I understood correctly it should also change the storage blocks that you create in the compressor to the IC² type then, instead of RP default. Because you can create the RP microblocks from them RP was chosen as the default option in the first place.

    Yeah it's hard to find good information on GregTech machines, since the wiki isn't up to date and often really vague. But from what I gather here this seems to be a weird bug, nothing related to wrong usage. What version are you using? Also I have no idea what the third button in the GUI does either, maybe someone else can clear that up for us.
    About the BC pipe thing: Gregs automatic machines aren't really made to work with them, but I have no idea if using them would have any buggy side effects. I would suggest to do some further testing in a creative world to see in what kinds of setups you can replicate the bug. Especially you said that you wrenched it to have the output on the desired side, but GT machines aren't made to output into BC pipes, they output to inventories. Have you tried deactivating the auto-output in the GUI? Regardless of whether they cause bugs though, BC pipes aren't really efficient and render the anti-lag features of the GregTech machines useless. As the machines can auto output into inventories I would suggest RP relays or GT automation to transport the items away, that way you have stacks of several items travelling, not single items.

    It appears I was mistaken about the nature of whatever bug (or god forbid "feature") I've been trying to deal with. A little update to the issue I brought up earlier: attemping to use a wrench to change the output face of a Plate Bending Machine will somehow interfere with all other plate bending machines in the area and render them inoperable whether they are connected to each other or not.

    Since this is not a creative server I haven't yet mustered the energy/resources to build entirely separate power grids and pipe networks to completely isolate them.

    Are you sure you are using them correctly? From your post I can't really make out how you have them set up, so it's hard to know where the issue is. You do know how they work, with the buttons in the GUI to enable/disable item and energy to the output face, right? And how you get the output face (the side with the square on it) to face the right way?

    Is there any chance to make both of the blast furnace inventory slots be able to get filled from top? For some reason when I use the ME interface to make steel it only inputs to the top slot and not to the bottom one. It surely would make automating steel production with AE a whole lot easier if I won't have to figure out how to force the coal dust to get to bottom slot and refined iron to top :)

    I'm sure I could use something like inventory manager but for something so basic as steel it seems like a massive overkill.

    You should be able to use the Advanced Buffer for that. If I understood it correctly you should also be able to use it as energy input in the current beta if you put a transformer upgrade onto it. Haven't tested that myself, as I still play the last stable (call me a wimp if you want for not wanting to wreck my world with an unstable beta XD).