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    Every armour in the game with Ic2 has no way to equip a jetpack onto it!
    This means you either have to manually switch it out whenever you land so you don't suffer a defence nerf, or just bear the lower defence...
    This is the industrial Revolution right! Why are my chestplates still not usable with my jetpack!

    The jetpack and armour both have seperate levels (Energy and fuel) so really this is just for the sake of convinience.
    Charging a nano chestplate with an electric jetpack attached to it will charge both of them at the same time at 1/2 speed.
    This is a suggestion for vanilla Ic2 but i'm hoping if this gets added in, items like the advanced jetpack will also be able to be used.
    This could also be extended to bat packs and lap packs as well as CF-sprayers.

    This add-on adds a small robot wolf to go behind you. It will follow your movements exactly with a 1s delay and it can actually fly!. It's very unlikely that it will get stuck, but if it does it will teleport to you if you get 50 blocks away from it. (Just lift the wolf code for this one).

    This robot grants a bunch of useful utilities depending on what you outfit it with.
    Each add-on has a seperate menu for each add-on. You right click to open the menu and use the arrows to cycle through the add-ons.
    There are 3 tiers, each tier adds more slots to put add-ons onto and more energy storage.
    They are crafted like so-

    This has 2 slots and stores 25,00 EU...

    This has 4 slots and stores 100,000 EU, It also has a few other benefits like faster flight!

    This has 8 slots and stores 1,000,000 EU, as you can see it's kinda expensive!

    There are add-ons like these that you can install!-
    A crafting utility that does not drop the items if you leave them and also learns new crafting recipes as you use them. You can cycle through learned ones via a drop down menu. The wolf itself also has a menu that shows health, energy level and add-ons installed. The wolf heals slowly when fully charged.
    A storage upgrade than is the size of a chest! There is another add on that adds an ender chest here instead!
    A utility that automatically charges your weapons and armour slowly.
    A utility that heals you randomly.
    A solar panel add on!
    An add-on that allows the wolf to fight for you with nano powered claws!
    An add-on that can remotely monitor the status of any reactor you assign it to.
    A camo filter that turns you and the wolf invisible when activated!
    And MANY others!
    There are so many possibilities for this mod!
    The wolf also has passive and free abilities like stopping you from breaking a machine that must be wrenched if you try to break it! These can all be disabled on the wolfs menu. Each tier has new passive abilities!

    I think thats a awesome idea, however, I think 2 times insulated Gold Wire is better for that Recipe.

    Let me explain a bit about how these chests work...
    The chests use coils of wires on the sides of them to draw power from items and the charging pad on top to charge everything inside it...
    This uses the technology found in the pads, however on a much larger scale, that's why it charges slower.
    The bottom of the chest lacks the coils that's why items placed in there cannot lose charge.
    The coils themselves need at least some insulation so the charge doesn't go into the chest itself and kill you instantly, one side is cut in the crafting process so energy can enter the wires.
    Using double insulated wires would make it harder for it to charge without any benefits.
    There's some fake science for you...

    Introducing Charging Chests!
    These work just like the charge pads just they charge every IC2 item inside them!
    These charge much slower, but they charge every item inside them at the same rate (Provided they have power)
    It also shows a space for upgrades and fields but there is no slot for projectors (for obvious reasons) and items to power it as explained below. Certain fields may also not work.
    They will also draw energy from any energy storage ITEMS with power inside them if they are out of power. However if they have enough power from external sources they will charge the crystals instead. This is why there is no slot to charge with items.
    These work like normal chests for regular items, however each tier does not give extra space.
    The bottom row (Highlighted with red) will not draw power for anything placed in there. This is useful as it allows you to put energy storage items in there to be charged without having to worry about it drawing power from them.
    They also store 25% more power than a pad of the same tier due to the storage of the wires and circuits and the extra energy from the previous version. Note this is 25% of the storage amount of the same tiered pad, not 25% of the previous tier of chest.
    Crafting- Upgrade kits also work.
    Tier 1

    Tier 2

    Tier 3

    Example chest layout- (Although the energy bar is smaller it still stores more energy)