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    I appreciate your assistance gentleman:

    SpwnX - for imparting the knowledge that the post related to the addon is also the source of obtaining Support.
    MagusUnion - for providing the answer I sought.
    SirusKing - for making me aware that IC2 is more than just one modification to minecraft. Based upon your comment I had gone to and started editing the GraviSuite.cfg to learn the positions when I saw that the thread had received replies. Was hoping for a top middle option but alas there appears to be none. Thank you MagusUnion for saving me some time there.


    Like I said, I'm new to IC2 and it's addons. I looked on the FTB wiki and have learned that what I am talking about is part of an addon. You were right, I was wrong. Congratulations!

    However, I see no support thread in the addon section. If you would kindly direct me to it I'll repost there. I'm just a new user looking for an answer. If you can provide an answer, or direct me to a place where I can acquire an answer great! If you are just a board troll who ups his post count by telling people they are posting in the wrong place rather than offering any assistance or direction I guess I'll look elsewhere. I just assumed that the IC2 forums would be the best source of information.

    No I'm not talking about the Gravisuit addon. I'm talking about the Advanced Electric Jetpack that's part of IC2. When you activate the suit, I think it's the "f" key be default, there is a display in the upper right of the screen that says "Jetpack engine ON" with an energy level percentage on a line underneath. I'm looking for a way to cause that display to show up at another location on the screen. Other plugins have options to set their display at <top right>, <middle right>, <top left>, etc. But I can't seem to locate a config to change this.

    If I'm in the wrong section I apologize. I'm new to IC2 and just looking for answers. If the Advanced Electric Jetpack is part of something else I stand corrected. Perhaps a moderator could move my post the appropriate area with my sincere apologies.

    Thanks for the reply RawCode! I'm a total newb when it comes to coding. Which file would I insert those lines into if you don't mind indulging me further?

    I was wonder how one would go about changing the location of the "Jetpack On" display on the in game HUD? I've searched most all of the config files and can't seem to find a way to change it.