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    I'm making the rounds to mod threads that have texture support in Soartex, a 64x resource pack. Would you mind adding a link to Soartex texture support to your OP? We've been shipping our graphics for your mod for ages.

    We also created a java program that installs patches to resource packs. A patch for your mod is in there... And our modpack resource packs have graphics for your mod as well.

    While I'm here, I might as well mention John Smith Technician's Remix has support for your mod. Both Soartex and JSTR survives on contributions to their Github repositories.

    An immense amount of work has been put into these textures over the last 2-3 years, but we haven't been very good at sharing them with the mod creators. People might enjoy the free textures artists have contributed for your mod.

    I do quite a bit of work on Soartex Fanver, a texture pack that supported Gregtech in 1.4.7. To convert Soartex to 1.5, I write configuration files for an unstitcher that splits the textures. Using this method, multiple texture packs can reuse my work or the work of anyone else who contributes. The big problem I've been running into, is many mods have massive texture file name changes in the weeks after the initial conversion, forcing me to redo my work or the work of other people to maintain compatibility. Recently a contributor ("Idiot" is his alias- I'm not calling him an idiot, but this is a lot of work) started working on the configs for Gregtech texture conversion.

    So... will the file names be changing going forward? Most of the file names in Gregtech are numbered, which leads me to think they are temporary...