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    For example :

    I want to make sure I'm reading this correctly. A LC watermill would need a 7x7x7 area ABOVE the mill filled with water to get the 8 eu/t? If so, seems like a lot of space to occupy just to get 8 eu/t. So, is it possible to exploit the water needed by having more than one mill for each "water" area. For instance, is it possible to create a 7x7x7 area and place a watermill in the middle of each "face" to receive the 8 eu/t?

    If it's not possible to exploit the areas needed I think the mod is pretty balanced. I wouldn't want to fill a 49x49x49 space with water just to get the 4096 eu/t. Actually I'd do that for one mill but I wouldn't have a farm of them. If you add the ability to pipe in water and such you make it easier to exploit. Creating a special "water" for the mod doesn't seem like a viable option because water doesn't evaporate in MC. I think forcing one area for each watermill is the way to go. Creating a tank specific to the watermill mod seems to be the smartest thing to do, IMHO.


    I'm receiving the following crash when AFTER I added GT to my pack. I'm posting here because the crashlog mentions Advanced Reactors. I am using AR version 1.02, IC2 experimental build 239, and Gregtech 4.04i

    Spoiler has part of the error log. Check the pastebin link for the full log.


    I'm receiving this error as well when starting my server. The server and client files are identical and the client works like a charm. Could we get an idea of when this issue would be fixed. I REALLY want to use this mod on a VERY PRIVATE server with just 1 or 2 additional friends (aside from myself).

    Oh, if there is a workaround until there is a fix please provide some instructions for same.