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    How about during Day, it suddenly makes 1 Packet of like 100000 EU and blows every machine that is hooked up, so you have to use a Daylight Detetctor to push a piston to block it, so it doesnt explode.

    That could be counteracted with the gregtech supercondensators, so it would be kinda OP then. What about making it burn out during the day, unless it was shut off with a redstone signal? When it burns out, it would have to be fixed with new sunnarium or something.

    Alright, thanks for clearing that up, really helps! On a completely different note, i have 3 questions: What is osmium, how do you get it, and what is it or will be used for used for?

    Alright, I would be very happy if someone would clear something up for me. Do the new fusion reactors generate energy directly, with plasma as a by-product, or do they only produce energy indirectly by use of plasma generators. If they only make power from plasma, then that needs to be changed. Mainly because, although they were expensive before, reactors have been made over twice as expensive in the recent updates, while producing less energy and being harder to automate. I mean no disrespect Greg, but this is simply unacceptable. Am I being punked or something? :cursing:

    Great mod greg! I have an interesting idea for you today. No, it's not op, and I Think it would fit right inot youraddon. How about manganese modules? The could generate in sand on the bottom of ocean biomes. Mining them would yeild 1 to 3 of a random nodules, another new item, which could be smelted into the corresponding ingot type, or ground into 6 tiny piles of the corresponding dust. The types of nodules could be: nickel, copper, tin, silver, gold, lead, iron, aluminum, tungsten, chrome, and titanium, with the more valuable ones being rarer drops. Hope you liked my idea! once again, great mod :D

    Great mod!I love the advanced solars, and the advanced solar helmet was a stroke of genius. My only complaint is the lack of the additional quantumsuit effects on the ultimate solar helmet. I can understand it on the hybrid solar helmet, which is much less expensive, but as the ultimate solar helmet requires 20 iridium plates, I believe that it would only be fair to include the special quantum helmet effects on it. It is also extremely annoying to have to switch between helmets when fighting mobs such as cave spiders or wither skeletons, just to get rid of status effects. It also necessitates me having 2 HELMETS, which is an absurd waste of iridium! I hope you will consider my argument. :Diamond Drill:

    Fantastic addon! I love all the fancy tools and armor, especially the advanced diamond drill! My only complaint is about the ultimate solar helmet. I feel that because of its exorbitant cost (20 iridium plates with gregtech installed,making it about equal to the gravichestplate in cost,) that the helmet should retain the additional effects of the quantumsuit helmet. It is extremely frustrating to have to switch constantly between helmets when fighting mobs such as cave spiders or the wither, just to remedy status conditions. I DO however, love the advanced nanosuit! Genius move on your part sir. I also have an idea for a new tool. Perhaps a more advanced version of the mining laser, with a more combat-oriented role. Perhaps include more modes, such as a freeze-ray, which could freeze water and lava, and destroy plants, as well as cooling nuclear reactors.I personally find the standard mining laser quite underwhelming, and when i finally make one, I find myself never using it! Anyway, just a suggestion. Once again, Great mod, and I hope you will consider my request. :Diamond Drill: