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    nonsense its not a Bug.. Reactor create IC2 Stream for good reasons BALANCE... if IC2 Steam is compatible with "default" Steam it would destroy Balance of other Mods líke Railcraft.,... and no i will not at a config option...

    I don't actually have railcraft installed, but regardless, it does seem like something that could be a config option: If the user wants to do that (default disabled would be sensible, so you need to go actively change it) then they can. Different people play in different ways.

    Hi guys,

    I searched the forum and the googles, but I could not find any way: Iw as looking for a way to make Ic2 reactors output real "steam', not "ic2.steam" or something else, so that it can tie in properly with other mods that already use steam (which is a good few of them). Is there a config, can a config be added, or can I just edit something?

    Using 1.7.10 test version, as well as a bunch of other mods (possibly relevant: NEI and Walia?), I get the following crahs when using right-click to interact with iron plates in any way (at least in a crafting table): Dragging out a few, right clicking them to place, etc. Due to odd luck with ores, I am pretty sure that at the very least berylium does not cause this problem.…e6808445573b10d423600587f

    Edit: Splitting up iron plates into stacks of one and just left-click dropping them into the craft gui crashes the client. I would consider that a pretty critical progression breaking bug. I will see if I can workaround with FZ's pocket craft table, though.

    Edit 2: Setting up iron plates in the right side of your inventory and then opening the FZ craft interface will crash the entire server, not just your client (although the client survives just fine)

    There should be a config in the CoFH stuff to disable it. Deleting it wont help.

    I agree there should be! But there is now nearly as many COFH config files as there is GT config files, and there are no obvious ways to make it stop that, in what I found. Including ctrl+f ore and copper in several of them. It is quite possible I am missing something as it is late, so I await someone to point out the obvious option I misread.

    Playing with setting up an eventual world in 1.7.10. Does anyone know what the easiest way to disable thermal expansion mucking with the ores is, so I can play with pure gregtech ore power? I deleted te-ores.json in the config and told it to stop re-making the file,b ut new worlds still have TE ores as discovered with nuclear mining.

    Updated. 1.0.1-exp includes support for BC pipes and AE buses.

    Do be careful: the IC2 fuel rods stack in v2.x and if you pipe them into a reactor they will stack inside the chamber (classic and advanced reactors). If IC2 manages to fix the bug it should be easy for me to fix it on my end (if it doesn't get fixed by what they do).

    Have fun with your new features and let me know if they don't work correctly.

    Oh... When I tried IC2 experimental yesterday it was too much of a mess to run on our server, any chances of a 4.01lf update for automation as well, until IC2 exp settles down more?

    Using GT 4.02a, I have no problems in SSP, but server crashes in SMP:

    Now, I can update to the latest GT (seems to solve crash), but that leaves my players centrifuging Uranium and getting Th and Pu that they can no longer put into cells and use. If there was a way to re-enable the canning (or if I am missing a way to actually use the Th/Pu due to NEI failing me), then I can certainly run that version. (IC2 experimental is too bleeding edge to use on an actual serious server right now, too many re-writes half done, so broken old 401lf it is!)

    P.S: A cow crashing my server angers and amuses me simultaneously.

    In short: yes. ;]

    There's almost assuredly a major graphical update coming with the shift to 1.6.2 but I'm still working on the texturing. I -could- throw out a quick update but I don't wanna. :P I'd really, really like the first 1.6.2 release to have the new shinies. :]

    Also kinda waiting on BC being stable for 1.6.2 - but I'm not giving away any more than that teaser. ;]

    I personally would vote for a 1.6.2 release, just because it lets people at least look at starting a world and update later, but I am just one vote :)

    Regardless of the load time (and when 120 mods are all kicking a thread for a cape, and a thread for an update check, and a thread for a..., there will be a load time impact), the simple fact remains that it is not a needed check. Not everyone lives in a location where they can get un metered internet: Some people have caps and have to pay for overage. And while a few KB might not seem like a lot, that just means that it is one more thing that is not needed slowly nibbling at that. Note that a config option to stop that would simply end all of this, although it is still not as ideal of a solution as a hardcoded list. (I am not even really that against the vanity capes, I think it is silly personally, but if other people like them, go hard!)