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    Awesome. I'll do an update very soon. Sorting out my 1.5.1 install right now. Is it pretty much a straight port from Thunderdark's version or are there new things to watch for? Looking at the Roadmap on the bitbucket page I see you plan to integrate new features requested by the community. I assume that's still on the todo list. If you think I should wait for those updates then I'll hold off.

    At the moment it's pretty much just a straight port of Thunderdark's version, with pretty new textures, some refactoring and an additional API class.

    What version of the mod, and what version of IndustrialCraft 2 are you using?

    Awesome work guys! Since this is built off the original version I have a Tutorial series to show people how to use it. If interested the links are below.

    Part 1 (Basics) :
    Part 2 (Defense and Security) :
    Part 3 (Upgrades and Control) :

    I'll give this a go soon and do an update to show off any new features and make corrections. Thanks again for doing this. I think having 2 versions is good. Keeps things interesting for people :)

    Thank you for these, I've added them to the first post in the thread.

    For everyone else, can we please stop discussing Universal Electricity, Calclavia, and his version of MFFS in this thread? It wasn't my intention with this mod to stir up drama. Suffice it to say that Thunderdark very clearly spells out where the copyright lies in his response to this thread - please do not continue attacking one another over which versions are "official" and which are not, it really is unnecessary.

    tipred3: Our primary focus is on maintaining compatibility with Thunderdark's iteration of MFFS 2. However, we do plan to add some things here and there, whre we feel is appropriate, but we also wish to stick to the same "feel" as MFFS2 - so most of our additions will be things that complement or expand what is already there.

    When Imalune was going through creating the textures, she was basing them off of the original 16x textures Thunderdark had. The Security Station was a computer with a smiley face - she copied that theme and made a monitor with an adorable smiley face.

    On a side note, regarding models: we may add these as a third graphicStyle option in the future. If anybody is interested, I'm more than happy to see either OBJ or Techne model suggestions.

    Modular Forcefield System v2 Classic

    This is a maintained version of Thunderdark's MFFS 2 addon for IndustrialCraft2, made with his blessing, co-maintained by myself (Minalien) and Searge. We intend to maintain MFFS 2 for 1.5.1 and beyond, and plan to make optimizations and include further support for various industrial mods.

    MC 1.5.1 builds earlier than may not generate monazit ore due to a change in constructor arguments to WorldGenMinable that was not caught until recently! and later require IndustrialCraft 2 beta build 304 or later.

    Originally developed by Thunderdark and Matchlighter
    Currently maintained by Minalien and Searge
    32px Textures by Imalune

    Issue Tracker
    If you run into any major problems with MFFS v2, please submit them to the Issue Tracker on our Bitbucket project page.

    IRC Channel
    #MFFS2 on

    MFFS is licensed under the GPL v3 License, as it was under Thunderdark.

    Bitbucket (Mercurial) Project Page

    Recent Changes
    Fixed issue with Defense Station warnings. Will now only warn when in a player-affecting action mode, and will only damage the player (1hp) if it is in kill mode.
    Fixed issue with load order.
    Added (beta) recipes for Thermal Expansion.
    Fixed issues with security station not having security rights set before defense station kills entities.
    Added support for Buildcraft wrenches to rotate MFFS Machines.
    Switched to using SRG names for reobfuscation
    Now compatible with 1.5.1 and 1.5.2
    Fixed Monazit world gen.
    Updated API to IC2 beta build 304
    Updated 16x16 block textures (Imalune)
    Updated Extractor & Capacitor faces to look more like a screen. (Imalune)
    Added IFieldTeleporter API interface. (Minalien)
    Updated Field Teleporter Multitool to utilize IFieldTeleporter. (Minalien)
    Minor Housekeeping. (Minalien)

    Feed The Beast Wiki - MFFS


    Machine Block 32px Textures. Can be disabled by setting I:graphicStyle=0 in config file.

    Mod Packs
    MFFS is released under the GPL 3 license, and is therefore open source. Letting us know before adding it to a mod pack would be greatly appreciated, though. Please respect Thunderdark's original wishes and do not include this mod in paid mod packs (including mod packs that only require an Adfly download link).

    Direwolf20 Mod Spotlight - MFFS
    Direwolf20 Mod Spotlight - MFFS 2.1.7.*
    Godcraft Spotlight - MFFS
    Direwolf20 Mod Spotlight - 2.0.4

    Video Tutorial Series by fuzzzie
    Part 1 (Basics)
    Part 2 (Defense and Security)
    Part 3 (Upgrades & Control)

    Mod Compatibility
    IndustrialCraft 2 (Compatible with all current IC2 beta versions for 1.5.1)

    BuildCraft 3
    Railcraft Beta
    Thermal Expansion Beta
    ComputerCraft 1.52
    Equivalent Exchange 3

    2.3.* Minecraft 1.5.1 - Minecraft 1.4.7