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    Hey first I'd like to say thankyou for this. I personaly am not a fan of Calclavia's UE and MFFS. However They are both they're own Mods and people need to stop bitching. If you want IC2 Use this one, If you want Universal Electricity use Calclavia's version. I will be using this rewrite version for now. (No hard feelings calclavia)

    @N0dder(N00b+Modder)I am Sorry, but thats the IC2-Forum. And UE, Calcavia and the Real MFFS are even related to your Fake MFFS, so there is no reason to not talk about it here, especially since the real MFFS has no thread here.

    You should probably read up before you start something like this. No worries i'll explain, This is the Industrial Craft 2 forum, an mod dedicated to electricty and technology. Universal Electricity is Calclavia's version of electricty that he/she wrote because he/she didn't like how IC2 Works. The original MFFS by Thunderdark DOES have a thread. The Text itself has been deleted and has a link to here. [Addon V1.112]Modular Force Field System Version (SSP/SMP) This does not mean this is a "real" version. Infact the only "real" version is the version Thunderdark himself released. MFFS as I have seen was a open source style licence. Meaning ANYONE and everyone can take the original Code,modify it, rerelease it and do whatever. This can be rude and its nicer to ask however. As far as I know Calclavia and the team behind this revision both have anyway. Calclavias Version three, Of MFFS has NOTHING code based the same as ThunderDarks version now. Calclavia has rewritten it completely from the ground up. But he/she has kept the name yet made alot of changes. He/she felt because of this it could be a closed source mod. I personally disagree because it's name and idea came from the original, which seems kinda cheap. However there isn't really anything too wrong with this. The Team behind this one has done the same at the core as Calclavia, Asked, taken and updated the code and are keeping it alive/adding small tweaks to improve it. Therefore calling it MFFS 2.0 Classic. Calclavia's Version is Currently called MFFS 3.0. There is no real or fake MFFS. The only MFFS truly "real" in this sence in MFFS 1.0 Which I do not know who made. I think it was Immibis (Forgive me if I'm wrong). Me myself, I feel Calclavia has leeched from the famous mod , and taken the idea and name, and made it his/her own. However I feel if he/she wants to make it Closed source it should be an original mod. This is my opinon and you may disagree :)

    Again MFFS Classic team thanks! If I find any bugs I'll let you know . 3D Models (techne style) would be nice but a Config switch between the two would be essential for the Oldschool fans :)

    Sorry for my rant, I just wanted to imform the guy/girl in a civalised manner as there are too many angry people who don't think before typing. Thanks Guys/girls :)