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    Nice thing about nuclear is that you can turn it on and off with just redstone signal, and you don't have to worry about losing any fuel (like boilers without someplace to send the steam). Hook up a gate on a cobblestone structural pipe to your energy storage (if you have BC installed), and have it check for space to store energy, or some other gate conditional to turn it on or off if there is space in your energy storage block.

    the quarry plus mod has a pump that can drain liquids, but the mod can be OP, to fix it, set recipe mode to 3, for example the quarry plus requires 2 normal quarrys and 8 diamond circuits in recipe mode 3, a pain to make with gregtech installed and its diamond drill requirement

    has to be made in an assembly table and requires 800k MJ

    Not sure if its in RR, I'll check it out. Thanks.

    I have just a little question about the transformer upgrades.
    I want to power some industrial blast furnaces und some industrial grinders from some MFE's. As I know MFE's do output 512 EU/t and I need to add some transformer upgrades to the industrial blast furnaces and industrial grinders to prevent them from blowing up.
    Do i neet just a simple transformer upgrade or a HV transformer upgrade to each one of those machines? And where do i need to place them exactly within or around those machines (blast furnace/grinder)?
    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Right-click the Transformer Upgrade directly on to the machine. You can tell what upgrades a machine has by wrenching it to your inventory. The tooltip will tell you what's installed onto it. Each transformer upgrade should go 128 -> 512 -> 2048 I believe.

    Powering each machine directly from it's own energy storage box is definitely the way to go.

    I have a giant Table of Materials, I can give each Element a Property, and that Property would be on the Tool. In case of Magic Metals I would add an Enchantment to the Tool (those Tools won't be manually enchantable at all). But it can take a while until I do these Tools.

    Mmm, nice. Makes sense. I want to make a gun mod, using your metallurgy table as a starting point. That'd be sweet. Unfortunately I have zero free time. sigh.


    Did you insert a substance called H2O also known as "Water" into the Ore Washer?

    Have you seen what happens if that H2O stuff gets on the OUTSIDE of a machine?!? Can you imagine what happened if it got on the inside??

    Hrm, I haven't really explored weapons mods, but is there a good gun mod? Maybe not with as many powder and bullet types, but something that gives you alot of options?

    So for this totally non-existent system for tools.. how will you balance the various metals (since ALL metals from mods now are viable)? Metallurgy, EnderIO, and all these guys add in a bunch of diff ones. And magic metals too..

    Oh, and will you make some mid-game tools too? Flint is good early game, but would be nice to have Bronze versions of the lathe, etc so that some mid-level stuff can be made. Sweeeet

    Oh and my first mystcraft age I just made had lakes of bronze.. but I already have an IBF, so it's kinda useless :/ But the next one had seas of enderfluid.. TE3 Tesseracts here I come.

    Also, just wondering if this was still going to happen?

    Would be awesome if Greg made a system like TiCs does for tools, but for guns. You could have barrels where the rifling wears down faster with iron rather than tungstensteel. Bolt action vs semi-auto vs full-auto. Diff powder grains, bullet types for diff damage.

    Snowing seems to fudge up inactive bronze blast furnaces. Getting a layer of snow down the middle stops the furnace from working. It's similar to how the steam vents on bronze machines get blocked by a snow. It's not that hard to prevent it, but isn't there a way to get snow to melt automatically?

    My steam cell request is more of an ocd/playing around in a test world kind of thing.

    Well, a torch would melt snow, but down in a BBF, that is prob best taken care of with a roof.

    (as I mentioned about 20 pages back) The TE portable tanks are a nice steam cell, tho you can't charge directly from them in your inventory. More just portable storage. I do like the SteamPunk ideas tho.