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    Hello greg could you add a config option to disable your mod from crashing with item id conflicts? i know it sounds STUPID but your mod are keeping on saying HEY YOU HAVE ITEM ID CONFLICTS YOU IDIOT! when i have searched the ForgeModLoader-client-0 for CONFLICT @ and conflict and other things that could indicate item id errors, the fact is there is none. Greg Tech is just saying: dude if you dont fix these id conflicts that dont exist i will crash. Or maby the mod that overite a greg tech item dont say it in the log. (the crahs came when i updated greg tech) and again in the ForgeModLoader-client-0 there is NO sign of ANY item id conflicts (there is some block id conflicts, but those are from mods that are supposed to overite some vanilla stuffs like rails ans such)
    And i just want to mention that i know you will most likly not answer this comment and if you do you will most likly call me a stupid idiot and say that i did everything wrong.
    Have a nice day and keep on doing stuffs. (sorry for any grammar mistaks written in this post, english is not my first language)
    What other mods are you using? That sounds like an error, not a feature. Also, make sure all other mods are up to date

    Item ID conflicts can be hard to track down. Most mods won't report item id conflicts (or check for them). GregTech does. Forge checks for block id conflicts only AFAIK.

    I use a perl script (personally tweaked version of…-Item-Id-Reporter-Program) to help double-check my configs to make sure there aren't any conflicts. It's important to resolve any conflicts because it can result in really strange behavior, or sometimes recipes that just don't work, etc. That's why when GregTech detects them, it refuses to load. It's really a service to you that GregTech does this. I wish more mods would.

    You just need to find the conflict and resolve it. Frankly, if you can't find the conflict, you should find a pre-built pack where people have already resolved all the conflicts for you.

    If you PM me, I might be willing / able to help. Definitely don't post here. You shouldn't post to any mod thread about id conflicts. Hopefully this will all go away in 1.7 when ids are reported to be more automatic finally.

    Just Greg being a little cheeky. Quicksilver is another name for mercury which has a melting point of something like -38 F, so it doesn't make a lot of real-world sense to be an ingot / block / armor, etc.

    That's what is needed; a gregtech config option. cheekyComments_true = true


    Ok, I've been researching the missing ball bearing recipe from RotaryCraft. (shapeless ingotHSLA == ball bearings * 4)

    To me, it looks like there's some strange bug in GT dealing with recipes with exactly 1 input. Without GT they load fine, but with GT they disappear.

    I've been using MineTweaker to test adding different recipes, to duplicate the issue that RotaryCraft is seeing. Most of the recipes I create with 1 input seem to not survive. (I can load without GT and do they appear.) It might have to do with materials that GT knows about, I'm not sure. It seems to be semi-random which ones work and which don't. I've been trying to narrow down a commonality.

    Here's my MineTweaker test script, to give you an idea:

    As you can see, it's a little bizarre, but it definitely looks to be a bug somewhere inside GT. It's happening with RotaryCraft with a minimal set of mods loaded, and I can duplicate it with other recipes using MineTweaker.

    hmmm Reika doesn't like what Greg is unificating in his mod, he doesn't want his steel ingot to have the name "ingotSteel" because his steel ingot is easily produced and he said he doesn't want his steel to be "steel" xD

    The ingotHSLA is not being unificated. The bug with the ingotHSLA ball bearing recipe is something else. I've been digging into it for a bit, but it looks to be some kind of bug in GT. In testing, I'm having trouble creating any kind of 1 item shapeless recipe and have it survive when GT is loaded.

    Yea, its the weirdest thing. I'm running Overload modpack from ATLauncher which has Gregtech 4.04z. And it has vanilla ingot recipes. I then switched to another mod pack with 4.05s and it has the plate recipes. When I do a search in both dynamiconfigs nothing at all for 'platesneeded'. I even searched for just 'needed' nothing either.

    Ok, it looks like it's "recipereplacements" now, unless I'm mistaken. I hate how the old config settings stick around like that. :/

    I'm using Gregtech for 1.6 and looking in the dynamicconfig.cfg for the recipe to enable iron plates for recipes. for example three iron plates for a bucket.

    I heard people mentioning that it should be in this file under something like 'platesneededfor...' I tried searching and cant find this anywhere in the file. Has the config location or name changed?

    It's enabled by default. In my DynamicConfig, there's a platesneededforarmormadeof, platesneededformiscmadeof, platesneededfortoolsmadeof to turn them off if wanted. If you don't have them, you must be using a pretty old version, I think.

    EDIT: recipereplacements is right, I think.


    KingLemming has now made the change to TE so that he doesn't automatically add your blastFurnace stuff to the TE Induction Smelter at all, unless you actually call addSmelterBlastOre. (Before, he'd add a SAND version unless you called the IMC.) (And like before when you do call addSmelterBlastOre, he'll add a Pyrotherum version.) You are still currently calling addSmelterBlastOre for everything, of course. For most of the blast furnace stuff, you probably no longer want to call his IMC. (Maybe for lower tier items only via config?)

    Yeah, it is not a good Idea to make a Recipe consist of just one Ingot/Dust/Gem since those are usually making nuggets or smaller Dusts. And I think RailCraft overrides that Recipe aswell (unless it gets overridden by RotaryCraft).

    Oh, and thanks for your Donation. :D

    Edit: The Green Side doesnt Auto-Input. It was planned to make it draw from an adjacent Chest. And you might want to insert the tiny Dusts from one single Side.

    Hmmm... I'm pretty sure I'm wrong about this. It looks like his recipe is a shapeless ingotHSLA -> 4 ball bearings. But it's definitely some interaction with GregTech that is removing the recipe. Digging a little deeper.

    Yeah, it was pretty obvious in hindsight... Thanks for the help.

    Another issue I got was with the electric craftingtable, which I posted while the whole TE discussion was going on. I'm using it to turn the tiny dust byproducts into normal dusts. The green side doesn't seem to import items from chests, and when you import different kinds of tiny dusts from different sides, it sometimes spits out tiny dusts as they are.

    The splitting out of tiny dusts without conversion happens when the 9th slot is filled when in "dust" mode. The automatic output mode does that when in the "dust" setting. It's kind of an overflow thing. The only way to really use that 9th slot in that mode is to change the output mode to not-automatic and "suck" out the results a different way.

    Or instead of using the "dust" mode, use the mode with 9 squares with a black outline (mode 2). It works almost the same way and uses less energy, as I recall. The "dust" mode is more for when you're processing things that can also combine into non-dusts when combined in 2x2 or 3x3. For most things, I find the "9 squares with a black outline" mode to work the best most of the time when combining dusts.

    It's the ball bearing recipe - not sure how it is crafted but I think its steel, I'm just redirecting the post as it should be posted here instead on RC's thread. Greg, got any tips?

    Looks like this is a simple shapeless recipe conflict. RotaryCraft does 1 steel ingot == 4 ball bearings. GT does the "standard" 1 steel ingot == 9 nuggets. IMO RotaryCraft should change its ball bearing recipe. Is there a config setting to turn off the GT nugget recipe? In my setup, you can also smelt steel to make 9 nuggets.

    EDIT2: The reason I basically shot it down was because you simply came in and said "I looked at the TE source, you are doing x and y" and you didn't understand the underlying IMC. You assumed that looking at the recipe handler is enough. I have to add new IMC for a Blacklist, and then I'll have to come up with some sort of strange validation procedure to ensure that a mod is not screwing with TE just out of malice. It is more than a 4-5 line code change.

    I understood the IMC and what was happening. What I was asking for was simply a way (via config) to specify how they'd prefer to handle things on the TE side, so a user can specify to skip adding external blast furnace recipes to the induction smelter.

    Ok, here's the issue I'm facing right now: Latest GT, IC2, TE...

    GT registers blast furnace items with TE. TE then adds them to it's Induction Smelter with Pyrotherum dust as the catalyst. There's currently no way to disable this except to disable TE's induction smelter completely. I submitted a ticket to TE to ask for a config to adjust what happens with registered blast furnace items, but KL is refusing to make the change. See

    So, my question is: Is this intentional? I don't like it because Pyrotherum dust (coal dust + blaze powder + redstone + sulfur) doesn't really even come close to the same difficulty in getting a blast furnace up to full heat. (I like the tiered heat approach on the blast furnace, and how you have to work your way up to the harder items.) I could see it working for some of the lower tiered items (steel, aluminum, etc.), but Kanthal, Chrome, Tungsten also?

    Just to be clear, with 4.04z and TE3.0b2, I am able to craft all GT dusts to ingots. Chrome, Aluminum, Tungsten, Kanthal, etc. All dusts to Ingots seem to be automatically added to TE Induction Smelter. (Sand + 2 chrome dusts == 2 Chrome Ingots... Note that it's always with two dusts, maybe when the above poster tested, he tried with 1 dust or something.) .. It does seem to be something that TE does, and I can't find a config to turn it off. So, I think it is something that'll need to be fixed.

    Can you add a way (config setting) to add to your Ore Dictionary blacklist? I'm having an issue with the stupid Mekanism Osmium still. By default you are adding recipes to the Grinder and Rock Crusher for his Ore to convert it Iridium. (As noted several pages back.)

    I can turn off Osmium in the grinder in the Dynamic Config, but it still gets added to the Railcraft Rock Crusher (and I imagine to the Universal Macerator). I realize it's because he named his super-common ore wrong, but I'd like a way to force it to be ignored somehow. Right now I've taken to using a class editor and manually changing CAMO_PASTE to oreOsmium with every update, but that's a pain and probably isn't a good addition for everyone, since there might be legit Osmium ore added by some mod.