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    Here is the tower of watermills:

    But initially there is enough energy inside the batbox, so I still can't understand why furnace switches to the left one.
    Is it possible to predict in which order energy sources will be used if there are several of them connected to the wiring?

    And it seems that it works as I need in this setup:

    but the geothermal reactor is entirly suffecient to power the furnace thus the other geo doesnt need to power on

    Hm, my original question was about setup with watermills for just keeping the Induction Furnace at 100%. If I change right generator with watermills than suddenly furnace start to consume power from left batbox. Can't catch the logic here (batboxes are exactly the same as in the previous picture)...

    That redstone signal gets inverted by a NOT gate, when turns the Splitter cable between the geothermals and the furnace off, allowing the geothernals to run.

    Thank you, that worked! Haven't used Splitter Cable before.

    But I would also like to know how the game choses which batbox to use as power supply when there are two connected to the same machine. And why in my setup always a batbox with geothermal was chosen.

    Hello everyone! I have only recently started to play with IC2 and have a simple question.

    Suppose I have a geothermal generator for powering my machines. After upgrading to Induction Furnace it is required to supply 1Eu/t for keeping the furnace at 100%. I don't like wasting geothermal energy for that and would like to build a simple watermills generator. But the problem is that after I connect batbox from watermills to the furnace it still uses energy from geothermal generator. How can I fix this, so that furnace uses energy from geothermal generator only when watermills batbox is empty?