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    Anyone know what this could be due to? :cursing:

    This should be in the Modular Powersuit thread.

    As for the help, if you haven't tried uninstalling and updating Powersuits and IC2 yet, you should try that first with a new set of configs
    Otherwise, try making a new Glove

    Pardon my ignorance, but how do you Uninstall and update Powersuites and IC2 when you have a world that has both in it? I think my problem with that is that I have had to make some modifications to other configs so I don't have block ID conflicts. I finally got the Forestry and Advanced Solar Panels mods working and I am really scared I will 'f' it all up. :) Guess I could just make a full backup of my .minecraft folder in case. Just paranoid I guess. What is the correct procedure to "uninstall" a mod like IC2? Just remove the JAR file? What about all the rest of the configs etc? How can I be sure I got it all out?

    Hi folks,
    I had my Modular Powersuit charging just fine in a fully charged MFSU up until I accidentally made the mistake of installing GregTech. I have since removed GregTech, but my Power Glove will no longer even be accepted by the MFSU. I checked my config for Modular Powersuits and the IC2 recipes line is set to TRUE, and anything else in there that references IC2 is turned on. Does anyone know if I have to do anything else to fix this? I am so sad that I cannot recharge my Powersuit stuff now.

    Any help would be awesomely appreciated.

    I just installed this and am crashing out - can someone please help me?

    Hello.. I just installed Compact Solars (1.5.1- and I get a crash report stating the following:

    Can someone please recommend a solution to my problem? I don't know how to resolve this... :cursing:
    Thanks so much.