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    Hm... seems optifine doesn't like the newer forge versions... /sigh /cry

    Going to try play without optifine then. Not going to be pretty!

    It works just fine. If you use magic launcher, make sure optifine is initialized AFTER forge (push it so it's lower than forge) on the initialization list.

    Even if it says "# errors", you can ignore those. :thumbup:

    Okay, now first off I'd like to clarify something first before getting started:

    I had absolutely no damn clue on how to use nuclear power in 1.2.5. There was just way too many things to try and keep in mind for building one, and in the end I found it much easier to use the compact solar panels addon coupled with geothermal generators. Plus, they would output more than enough energy to feed a mass fabricator at maximum input (to the point where I wound up overloading it a couple of times and making a few craters by mistake... D'oh!)

    So... With that out of the way...

    Would it be possible for someone to describe in two ways on how nuclear engineering will now work?

    The first way is for those who are familiar with nuclear engineering as is, from 1.2.5 to 1.3.2 and what all has changed that they will keep in mind.

    The second method is for complete newbs to the nucular sphientffic stuphs (I couldn't help myself...) such as myself who never understood it, even when reading all the guides about it. Perhaps the guide can be updated to reflect the new methods used and deprecating the old?

    ...Oh. I take it that regular explosions won't have any other affect on it then?

    One last question, what about charged creepers? While rare, it's still nice to know all that I can know about this change.

    Or are reactor explosions a special explosion which cause ignorance of resistances? Sorry, just rather confused about the whole thing, but slowly getting it.


    - Make the explosion code ignore very high resistance blocks

    Now, several questions about this.
    1. Does this affect ALL explosions, or just things like nukes?

    2. Why was this done? I don't really see much of a reason behind it, especially when I spend time making a lot of obsidian for something that may be extremely dangerous (hint: beyond reactors) and I want to keep it sheltered from creeper explosions when they decide to surprise me.

    3. Can you add an option in the config to switch the explosion code back to default behavior if #1 is the former? By default it will use the new code, of course.

    Something wrong with copper and Iron wire?

    Yes. The fact that I destroyed half of my base out of sheer testing makes me cringe. I'm very slow at remembering what does what at times and it's quite painful to recall what all has happened. Also, iron is extremely lossy. If glass fibre can travel 20 blocks before losing 1 EU, I sure as hell am sticking with it because I never even think about beginning to set up a base until I have a full inventory's worth of raw mined materials.

    No. There is a reason why HV was implemented. Yes it costs lots and lots of iron, but I'm afraid you can't have your cake and eat it too. Of if you must, attach the MFE to whatever, and after unloading the cyrstal, use a wrench to pick up the MFE.

    Now then, if bronze wrenches have a chance of not giving the machine back, I propose more tiers or bronze wrench, such as refined iron, obsidan, diamond etc.

    Yes. I do not want to rely on HV. Considering how I destroyed half of my base as mentioned above due to lack of information at the time, I'm not fucking with HV again for a very long time. And I hate cake, cookies, soda pop, and all that junk.

    I do like your idea for uptier wrenches, should there be a chance in 1.00 for wrongful deconstruction in the bronze wrench.


    So here's the ideas in which I hope one occurs, at least.

    1. Wrenches will never break anything anymore.


    2. Wrench tiers


    3. Special crystal converters (the whole point of this thread from the getgo) that can be used to power machines, and can be upgraded to different tier levels.

    Crystal + MFE = Win?

    By the time you get to Energy Crystals, you should have wiring along your workshop either way, not?

    Crystal + MFE which will have a possibility of being destroyed with a wrench = lose.

    This is especially a case because it's impossible to craft MFSUs without having to cheat (at least, I can't think of any way else to craft them legitly). Why? It requires them being fully charged (I know it's a bug and it's fixed for the next patch so this bit is more of a temporary thing) and I for one cannot think for the life of me on any other alternatives to charging up a lapotron crystal, since an MFE won't do it.

    And no. I didn't have wiring set up for my workshop, because I was hard-pressed to find gold. Not to mention I used my diamonds either making my drill or setting up energy crystals so I couldn't craft fibre cables either.

    (Now that I think about the last sentence I could just dive straight into making a mass fabricator and some solar panels after the basic machines are set up and let it work slowly... It'd be better than nothing at all.)


    Back on topic: The crystal chargers... Really, they are extremely useful. Could you please, kindly put them back in? Perhaps make a tier 3 version that can (dis)charge lapotron crystals into normal machinery (though it'll be expensive) and at a low voltage too?

    I've had a burning thought for a while. Since the introduction of all this new charging and discharging of batteries and crystals, why not let machines make use of them?

    Here's what I'm thinking...

    -Crystal chargers can discharge their products into any sort of machines that's connected to them now. While the machines are active, energy drains.
    -Crystals will not lose power while machines are idle, much like the MFE/MFSU machines.

    The losses are negligible compared to the voltage. Even if you create a 500 block long cable, and assume a ridiculous loss rate of 1EU/tile, you will still only lose 500 EU per 2048 EU, and that is considering it's a VERY long cable (so long that if you put it in a straight line, it will span over 31 chunks), and a RIDICULOUS loss rate (I am assuming the actual loss is more akin to 1 EU every 3-4 tiles).

    So basically it's advocating the use of extremely long ranged distances then? I can see why it's instantly eating up that much from the very beginning now...

    worstseedever is actually one of my favorites. Be careful though, because you'll spawn next to a dungeon. There's a pit to your left which sand falls in, revealing it. Not sure if the items are generated entirely randomly upon creation or if they sort of predetermine themselves by a template pattern within the engine of Minecraft, but I got three iron bars so I could instantly punch down a tree and start with an iron pickaxe. :P

    Not only that, but it's connected to a cave which goes all the way down to a bunch of lava pits so if you go non-stop you could probably wind up having all diamond tools by the time the sun sets. Very handy.

    Pardon the bump, but I thought about another feature difference for the electric pistons.

    First, I believe that if this happens to make it in, I would recommend allowing electric pistons to be upgraded. It would be simple.


    C = Energy crystal
    E = Electric piston



    L = Lapotron crystal
    E = Electric piston

    Produces the Crystalline Piston, which is capable of taking and storing up to roughly one million EU, so a lapotron crystal could easily take and store it's energy.

    To help keep the original sense of using the pistons the same way, electric pistons without EU will simply act like vanilla pistons. They will take redstone regardless, but energy will allow them to behave in a more powerful manner.

    These pistons can also be "pushed" towards cables and/or MFE/MFSU blocks and, depending on which side they are on, can either discharge their energy into them or withdraw energy. It follows the same rules as the cables and emitting directions of the storage units.

    I suggested batteries and energy crystals being capable of decharging these so people can go mobile and tweak mechanisms without the need to recharge a battery/crystal completely. This allows for simply stuffing in a battery/crystal, withdrawing all the energy, taking it out and then using the wrench to properly take down the device. After once they are finished they can replace the piston and then fill it back up with the energy they withdrew via battery/crystal.

    Because if you did that, you would break all existing pistons that would rely on vanilla Minecraft's behavior. That, and I don't believe Alblaka is going to go that far to break saved games as I'm quite sure it'd cause quite some turmoil. I also have reason to believe it could corrupt worlds. Hence, an IC version of an upgradeable piston. It goes from normal piston to electric piston. I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

    Edit: Glad to see my suggestion was moved over to IC Squared suggestions board! :D

    - Name/Nick: Major, or Cooke (pronounced cook, not cookie.)
    - MC-Forum Nick / IC-Forum Nick / Minecraft Account name: Major Cooke (both forums), MajorCooke (MC account)
    - Timezone you're living in, given in GMT: -06:00 Central America
    - The position you want to take: Beta testing, spriting, and youtube broadcasting
    - Previous experience: Beta testing, I haven't done any. Spriting is rather easy (I work with Zdoom engine a lot, if that says anything), and making youtube videos is a piece of cake.

    I don't believe in using voice to speak about what to do as reading is far easier, in youtube videos.

    I'm available just about 9 hours a day as I work on the computer from dawn until dusk. I have multiple instant messengers, so you can just contact me through those at a moment's notice (please ask for them in a PM).

    Eh, I don't think two block pistons would be very stable to implement. If you follow the changelogs and Notch's twitter, you'll see just how hard it was to get one-block extending pistons to work as is without crashing. I doubt two would be possible.

    Updated the first post with some new info.