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    Chrome isn't exactly difficult to get in large quantity (at the point in the game where it matters).

    Love that Geothermal generator idea personally. How much in energy profit do you expect it to produce? I would personally expect around 300 - 400 EU/t considering the cost, but I would still use them if 250 EU/t in profit energy was produced. Simply because of the ease of use. Those large gas turbines are a pain in the ass, the steam ones are nice though considering the boilers function as centrifuges for the cost of a small amount of coal.

    Still waiting on those Large Diesel Generators Greg... Tired of using all this extra diesel fuel as a home remedy for all sorts of stuff. (works great for removing stains though)

    There is an idea for lead + fuel - make the large diesel generators need maintenance less at the expense of a bit of output, or more pollution when that is eventually added.
    ed: actually just read on up on what TEL does... so ya, the opposite of what i just said above, except the more pollution part.

    No the lava is not flowing causing problems, the Adv pump doesn't cause lava to flow.
    The pump scans a large Area for Liquid Blocks, and saves their Location on a ArrayList. That scan happens usually on Game Start and when the Pipe moves one downwards, but it also happens every few Minutes. Note, that even I with my not so good Computer don't have Lag when using it on an Ocean.

    Interesting. I am using these things in groups of two with a bit of overlap between sets. Is that causing the problems? I would hate to have to go back to using BC pumps after using these guys.

    Should I spread them all out so each pump has its own area to pump with no overlap?

    I am having a serious problem with the Advanced Pump.

    I noticed this when I first started the pump and it started putting the mining pipe down. The TPS goes to something like 1 TPS for around a minute. I am able to move around normally but any world interaction is not possible, such as looking at a GUI or changing modes on the jetpack etc. I am trying to use it to pump lava up for use in the Thermal Boiler.

    This also happens when loading the game, then randomly every now and then i am unable to interact with the world (but still move). Removing the pumps fixes the problem and replacing and giving it power makes the issue return. I'm not sure what is going on with the pump but is there any way you could take a look at it and see if it has problems? I googled for a while and apparently i am the only person who uses it so it is unsurprising if nobody mentioned it before.

    No the lava is not flowing causing problems, the Adv pump doesn't cause lava to flow.

    Was there ever a bug wich caused the assembly machine to freeze when creating data orbs?

    Depends on what you mean. If you are talking about using AE to craft them in a single machine, it doesn't work properly as AE likes to jam machines with items causing them to stop. Have to use a machine for each component in the recipe.

    Then there is the overclocker thing...

    perhaps it did work but bugged out for me. these new things are really finicky. for example it took nearly an hour of fiddling with the boilers to get them to even output steam at all (got a nice giant pile of obsidian though lol.). Rebuilt them both nearly a dozen times trying to get them to work properly. Getting incomplete casing on any change to the hatches. have to break the actual case and replace to make that go away in most cases.

    ya but it is annoying to look at if you dont give it enough steam. if you try to output from 2x boilers into a single pipe of boxes. the turbine stutters and only produces around 400 eu/t instead of 640/t (with steel rotor). if you want to only use a single boiler, it would prolly be better to just scrap the idea and go with the RC turbines instead.

    Any chance to get the steam turbine running without having to use those Tesseracts? Can I put the boiler right next to the turbine? Gearboxes? Anything?

    machine boxes with pump upgrades? (they are covered with copper plates)

    You can put 2x input hatches on one side. however machine boxes have a limitation of less than the amount needed to run the thing (hence you need dual pipes into 2x hatches). Other than that your options are extremely limited.

    So i finally got the steam turbine running with 2x thermal boilers. Is there a way to create a steam buffer? As of right now the turbine sorta 'stutters' with the on/off state when receiving 1600 mB of steam/t from two thermal boilers. With a steel rotor the output hovers at 384.21 - 404 eu/t avg with a 640 EU/p size.

    Am I reading this thermal boiler manual correctly? 83.3 buckets of lava per tick (1666/20) and 6 buckets of water per tick? How do you even supply that much to it?

    Somebody mentioned using that machine box for inputting steam to the turbine, how do you do that? anybody care to enlighten me?

    Hey greg, how do you buiild a thermal boiler?

    It is described in the manual.

    Found that the steam turbine a bit derpy-_-
    It requires 1600 steam/tick to run, and the best pipe we have can carry 100 steam per tick.
    If I didn't get it wrong There could be 7 gas input per turbine, and putting them beside a RC boiler didn't work like magic like the rc counterpart.
    So how could I get it working at maximum efficiency?

    I was talking about that this morning with someone. The easiest solution I think would be to use the GT tesseract. Another option that was suggested is to use a reactor connected directly to the turbine (there is a config option that makes reactors output steam). One thing I found with these generators is they will still run even when there is nowhere for the energy to go, that is something to keep in mind when automating these things. You can also have at 3 input hatches. Two on one side and one next to the maintenance hatch. Still doesn't help when using any type of normal pipe.