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    From what I saw, you can just download the .html file, put the pictures in the \Images folder and use it from your computer.

    I wanted to add an evolutionary algorithm to randomly mutate designs and try them out but I stopped when I realized I can't read javascript anymore, let alone write... You said something about rewriting it into a better language? Which one? Here's hoping I know it.

    Haven't found a breeder design in the forum yet, so I can't compare... here's my thoughts:
    Efficiency 1, oh well, not supposed to create EU anyways.
    If I bathe the whole reactor in lava, I get 30 surplus heat per tick. If I have it run a full cycle like that, the uranium cells will be gone before the depleted isotope cells will be charged. Seems rather unefficient to me, so I guess you really have to dump a lot of buckets into the whole thing. To heat it to 9k, you need to add 35 * 9000 = 315.000 heat (each component needs to be at 9000 heat as well as the hull) which totals in 157 lava buckets ... Sounds impractical to me.

    But then again, what do I know about nuclear engineering - it's like rocket surgery!

    Hello, gents,

    My reactor ran through a cycle and had gathered about 8k heat, so I let it cool down (no uranium cells were in the reactor at that point). About when it reached 3k heat, I decided to try around with ice. The ice melted, but the heat did not go down by 200, only by about 3-4 (as it would without the ice). Is there some sort of bug or am I doin it wrong?

    I used the thermometer mod to measure the temperature. I am using the Technic-Pack version the Yoggscast suggested, Minecraft version being 1.7.3.

    Edit: Intriguing! I just powered up the reactor again. When it reached 550 heat, I decided to add 3 ice blocks. It went down to 350 heat! ... then back up again to 550 (in only about half a second, definitely not caused by the reactor's excess heat: My design is supposed to produce 29 heat. Taking no credit for it, it was made by some smart guy here whose name I shall research really quickly!). By that time, the 3 blocks were gone.

    Edit: There we go, thanks mister dezuman!