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    Have you even read the Q/A?


    Q: Will you ever support Forge Multiparts?
    A: No I won't support those Scala based things. Also I have my own System, which is incompatible with it and I won't remove my own Cover System.

    And i remember something about FMP support being all-or-nothing, aka either you don't have it or you have FMP as dependancy which is undesirable (especially given ChickenBones track record of bugs) (or you have code everything twice for FMP and without).

    Well it looks like the consensus there is that they think people do not expect -GregTech-, when they download -GregTech- and complain about the word "addon". lol.
    But the first post is a bit ...lacking... i have to give them that. Could you not add a brief description up there?

    Something like:


    This mod is targeted for experienced players who wish to expand their gametime with semi-realistic content, from early- to late game.
    To achieve this this mod replaces, changes and removes certain recipes, items, tools and machines. If you prefer to suppress any specifc behavior or enable additional ones, refer to the configs. This mod includes a extensive NEI plugin and there is a community-made wiki for this mod incase you need help.

    Bukkit fixes a lot of vanilla server issues, like chunk unloading and overall performance.
    And how do you make minecraft server not to show that pointless window which consume 50% of cpu power for no reason?

    Bukkit also causes a lot of issues, and it usually CAN NOT be fixed by the mod author, but by the MCPC guys. (Since they try implementing both forge and bukkit, it's usually a issue with their code if it doesn't work like forge should)

    And to disable the window use the argument nogui like this:
    java <JVM arguments> -jar server.jar nogui

    Don't use the Import Bus with GT machines, if they auto-output themselves(most do) you can use just a ME Interface. Interface has no throughput limit, they just take what's in their inventory and store it in the network). Thats cheaper, faster and i even think less lag.

    You can actually make a fairly compact item elevator if you use the common water+ice+fencepost design, like this:
    The items will go up through the center block of the collumn, you would just need a single hopper ontop to catch them (no moat or whatever needed, there is no horizontal velocity with this design).
    You need the items to go past the first fence(on one of the sides), hence the water(flowing left) and the perpendicular dropper.
    If you can't see the design from my mockup, there are plenty of tutorials on youtube, "pistonless item elevator".

    How about directly steam powered tool tier (like pick,jackhammer,wrench,screwdriver,steamjet weapon)? Complete with a portable steamtank as batpack that slowly consumes fuel or leaks steam even when not activly drained by tools.

    @ Galbar:

    java -Xmx2G -Xms2G -XX:MaxPermSize=128m -XX:PermSize=128m -jar <Serverjar>.jar

    Simple explanation: Java uses 2 amounts of the RAM, one for stroing data (the one you usually need), and one for storing code(PermGen). When you add many mods to minecraft the amount of code needs more space, so it works fine without either Gregtech or BukkitForge, but together they get over that border.

    joker :

    Best example: Railcraft makes Rails much harder to get

    So about that overridden recipes thing: Apparantly mDiyo left a guy called 'GregoriousT' a message in the code when that person joins. You should take a look at that event and what unfolds after that:

    onPlayerLogin @, newest .jar from the forum,

    also modRecipes @

    Who uses Factoryzation at all? It's useless, [...]

    One thing: Routers.
    Nothing handles machine arrays (mainly Centrifuges) as good (Redpower and Thaumcraft work too, but have its problems). Though if you could make Centrifuges/Electrolyzers work with Liqiud Hydrogen/Deuterium/Tritium i would happly replace them.
    And while you are at it could you add a GUI Button to have each output slot in the Centrifuge/Electrolyzer have its own side or make Adv Conveyor Covers that target specific slots? Right now automating Centrifuges with Conveyor Modules is a nightmare when there is no space for sorters.

    So about that Charger Box and the Redstone EU Meter, would it be possible to have another output mode for 'Total Energy stored' (including the items inside), as well as the MJ/Steam only appearing when the respective Upgrades are applied?
    Another thing i noticed: MFR rednet cables connect to the EU Meter Cover, but only take the signal when set to forced-connection mode, not sure if that is a thing on your or on PC's side.

    So i think i found a new bug, not sure if intended though:
    The redstone display and the button panel only update their texture once in second or so.
    Here is a comparison, i made a sine wave generator with Gregtech and MFR about a week ago, and one i made today
    Also the gregtech block in randomizer mode does have the same problem if you connect it to the display, only one texture update per second.