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    --???: Blaster? Anyone? Is Anyone There? My spaceplane has been shot down, and I'm currently in the middle of the ocean. Requesting pickup for me and my plane. Repeat...

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    Location: Minecraftia, The North Pole
    Coordinates: [{DATA EXPUNGED}]

    AI B32: Sir, are you sure it was a good idea not to respond or even recieve any incoming messages?

    Executive Jack: Yes, I am. If the spambots had gotten the even the slightest whisper we were here, we would be attacked by spambots in record time. That is something we cannot have, especially now I have figured out their real plan. I still can't believe that their Taint Laser was a diversion. We have to restart project Ulysses and we can do that starting here, the Chandelier. If only thepowdertoy had known about this. He actually destroyed the Chandelier MK 2, which was much more compact, but had about 1/4 the firing capacity. Anyway, AI B32, send Executive Bolts a heavily coded transmission regarding the situation. Oh, and don't forget the "I told you so!!" at the end. I still can't believe that the spambots are zjjeijprhfiwkfjfjspfjjeidjckejrihskdj.…..........................................
    Transmission terminated. Suspense Activated.
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    Sorry for the very long respite. Summer stuff, and another respite is coming, but then I'm good.

    --Executive Jack: Executive jack reporting! Sorry for being MOA, but I was shot down. They've brought in a planet buster as well! I went after it, but I had problems... Anyway, I've found Adamant squadron, and our ETA is about... NOW!!!!!!
    --Spambot air-chief: All units, incoming whjfjfskysdisjsjgxmcmcmcmyxkxky kxmyxmxmyxmgxmyxmdjyxky...................................................................
    -- Executive Jack: Eat that suckers!! Executive Bolts, you have been cleared for all-access pass black alpha. Good luck fixing the veil, by the way, did I mention that they're bringing in a PLANET BUSTER!!!!!!!!

    If I get to OP, please let me know. I don't want to ruin the story.

    -- AI B32: Sir, You have been cleared for take-off.
    -- The Drake of Fire, A.K.A. Executive Jack: Roger that, are the upgrades to the XFA Nosferatu complete?
    -- AI B32: Yes, the ADMM Air to air/ground missles are equipped, as well as the Electronic Launcher.

    -- Executive Jack: Good. Re-Activate operation Stonehenge, and get the Megalith and Pendragon Operations online again as well.
    -- AI B32: But sir!! Those are meant for meteor defense!

    -- Executive Jack: I know, but we will be shooting meteors, just small ones with kitchen rays and laser cannons shooting at us. Anyway, they're a hive mind, it'll all be "exceptable losses," right?
    -- AI B32: I guess. Sir, your fighter is equipped and ready, and your wing is prepped for take-off. They're waiting your command.

    -- Executive Jack: Roger that. Let's kill some spambots.

    -- The Drake Of Fire: This is fighter patrol 17, we have cleared the area. Requesting permission to land on the Veil of Daybreak.
    -- Executive Bolts: Permission acknowledged, proceed to land, take hangars 1-9 for your aircraft.
    -- The Drake Of Fire: Roger that, we're picking up S.O.S from mojang city. Looks like we haven't arrived a moment too soon.

    -- Transmission Start --
    Signal Strength: Weak

    -- The Drake Of Fire: TThhis is tthe drakkkkkk of fire. We have destroyed a humongous destroyer-bot fleet, containing 8 moving planetssgkhga. We have destroyed 5 of them, at ggert cost. My war fleet has beneennjnkjalk depleted to 3 Hyperion-class battleships, my personal flagship, and half a space station. The destroyer-bots hhhahsd been pushed back, and in their retreat, my AI detected 3240000 beings in their fleet. We are retreating to minecraftia, and are requesting escort. We have recovered 1 chaos crystal from the fleet, however, and that's all that is keeping my crew alive. WEjhgahfjk would kldhlkajhlgkjahlkjlkjblkjb plied but our radios were aglajgb but we could hear you. Chaos has not been terminated, however! He willaprighapuhgpauhrgpaiuhpgauhpghapghaphgiohg
    -- Transmission Disconnected --
    -- The Drake Of Fire: What happened??

    -- AI B32: We just lost a ton of power. Our shields and cloaks are up again, though.
    -- The Drake Of Fire: Roger that. Contact Executive bolts and tell him Executive Jack is returning to the Amethyst Complex.

    --Transmission start--
    -- The Drake Of Fire: This is a warning to every ship united in the defense of Minecraftia and the destruction of the spambots. I have detected a HUGE spambot fleet on it's way to destroy the Minecraftian defense network, and Minecraftia itself! They're jamming my systems, but I have cloaked so they don't know I'm here!! Here are there current Coordinates! Hex321 Sector 2!
    *Transmission starts to get grainy*
    -- The Drake Of Fire: They Haveghgalsgal adlgaougpg Watcapiauhg farp thei ihaljfhf heavhkajdg canargon !! Oh @!@#$@ Tealk have a adofubadioblahbflabdfjklBSLdjkvbaljkdbvljkSBDvljkasbdvjklbsldjkvblasjkbvjklasbvjklasdbvljhabsljkvbasljkbvlajksdbvljkasbdlvLJKHGVljjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjhxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxflxfblkjzdbhfjklbvzlkjdfblkjzbjklzlkjfb
    --Transmission Disconnected--

    *Shuttle lands*
    The Drake Of Fire: Hello Blaster! Your AI sent me on this shuttle in case you needed any help.
    *Blaster and Scott board the shuttle*
    The Drake Of Fire: Well, Blaster, you asked me what I knew about Bolts, so here's a drive containing basically all the known data on him I've assembled.

    -- Drive Opened --
    Date Of Birth:Unknown
    Occupation: CEO and founder of Aetherial Techneticies and Tomorrow Inc.
    Schooling: New Devon Polytechnic
    Degrees: Doctorate in Cybernetics; Doctorate in Applied Metaphysics; Masters in Energistics Engineering
    Current Location: Space Station Lucifer; Orbiting Meteorite A432 Sector Hex21
    Threat Level: Variable; Extreme
    Space Station Noticeable Weaponry: Zero-Point Cannon/.001 BPS (Blasts Per Second) :: 1,600 High-Power turret Cannons/ 184 BPS :: 14 Mass Drivers/ 2 BPS
    Remaining weaponry undisclosed.
    Favorite Dessert: Peppermint Ice-cream Pie Chocolate crust
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Strengths;: Long-range impersonal weaponry; Drone warfare, Hacking;
    Weaknesses;: Personal Combat, subtlety, Tomato Sauce, Chocolate, Low-tech objects (Signs, swords, pickaxes, Etc.);
    Battle Stratagem For Attack against Space Station Lucifer: Heavy Ion Cannon, Super-weapons, Heavy shielding
    Battle Warning: Zero-point Cannon: GET IN CLOSE!! Turrets: Small effect Mass Drivers: GET IN CLOSE!!
    -- Drive End --
    The Drake Of Fire: That's all I got, Blaster, so my advice is to ally yourself with him, so as not to arouse his anger. Just so you know, I learnt this from my orbital satellites, and I have one on almost everyone but you, thepowdertoy, and Scott here. People who are more dangerous have more probes on them. Just so you know, for future use.

    -- AI B32: My lord, a shuttle is on it's way to pick you up and to take you to the minecraftian defense platform.
    -- The Drake Of Fire: Roger that, AI, make sure to keep contact with our factory worlds, and start up our food and mining alternate universes so that we will be kept self-sub staining. Also, prepare my battle-fleet with the new plans that we obtained from bolts. Also, let's see if we can at least match thepowdertoy's spambot factories. Also, before I depart, how many new ships are preparing for combat?
    -- AI B32: At least 441523 ships are being built, and 120 assorted ships are on their way to join your battle fleet. There are also 7 space stations in development, and 2 are on their way.
    -- The Drake Of Fire: Roger that. Well blaster, what is it you wanted to talk about?
    *Boards shuttle*

    -- The Drake Of Fire: Well, after the first spambot wars, blaster, I was knocked into a recovery coma by my computer so as to heal my wounds, and I have decided that I want to know things. If the spambots have an ally in you, you are a dead man. If the spambots are still here, and they count you as an enemy, we are allies. I can help you in matters of subterfuge and speed, and I am superior in void based combat. My weapons can destroy a planet in 10 seconds, no matter what the shields are. Make your statement to this.

    -- AI B32: My lord, we have an incoming message from blaster of the minecraftian defense grid.
    -- The Drake Of Fire: Roger. Open the channel, and begin work on a much better cloak. I don't want to be seen by anyone. Also, perfect the hacking systems as they obviously detected them as we'll. We also may as well comply with his orders, though, so turn off the cloak and shields, they can be turned back on in a second anyway.
    *A huge war fleet of battleships appears.*
    Hello there Blaster. And to what do I owe the pleasure of meeting you?

    -- AI B32: My lord, we have detected an open conference call aimed at thepowdertoy, bitterholz, and blaster. We are listening in, and are hacking their computers to find out what has been happening.
    -- The Drake Of Fire: Roger, engage incognito mode, so we will be able to do it silently. Who initiated the conference call?
    -- AI B32: Executive Bolts, a weapons manufacturer and business man.
    -- The Drake Of Fire: Bolts!?! He's still selling weapons? Well that is an even better reason to listen in.
    -- AI B32: My lord, many upgrades have been manufactured and equipped. We are capable of launching an attack if need be.
    -- The Drake Of Fire: Well, you had better show me them, then. Also, try to locate our factory planets, tell them we are back in business, and constantly improve our numbers and our technology. If it weren't for our cloaks and our speed, I might be just a little scared of bolts.

    -- The Drake Of Fire: Ughhhhhhhhh...
    What happened?
    *Flashback In*
    -- AI B32: There's so many!!! Sir, we have to destroy Chaos!!
    -- AI B32: Anti-Technology wave detected!!
    -- The Drake Of Fire: Damage report!!
    --AI B32: Hull breach, leaking air, water. Fusion core leak detected. All AI are offline, Except for AI B31-B36. Turret network is offline. All systems failing.
    -- The Drake Of Fire: Activate void cannon!!! Send all remaining power to the void cannons!! We're going down, but we're gonna take a lot of them with us!

    * The Drake Of Fire exits ship*
    -- The Drake Of Fire: Hello spambots!! Prepare to die!
    -- AI B32: Goodbye, my lord. Am re-downloading all battle data to war fleet. We shall welcome your return.
    *Flashback Out*
    -- The Drake Of Fire: I must find what the score is with the spambots. They shall all be destroyed.
    *weak signal*
    -- AI B32: My Lord, We are awaiting your command in sector Hex44.
    -- The Drake Of Fire: Roger. Set a rendezvous for my fleet in the sector minecraftia is in. Keep all shields at full, and activate spectral cloak. None shall see or detect us, especially any spambots. We will find the score, one way or another.