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    I know, that is still beta, but I try this mod.
    I use 1.7.10 version from file name, downloaded from curse.
    I can't make assembler, this machine haven't any recipe and also (maybe) all things from this machine haven't recipes.
    I get this machine by creative and I try make basic circuit parts (iron and electrum plate), but machine didn't work, without any progress.
    This recipes isn't accesible via Nei, trought click.
    Nei show me, that basic circuits parts are need for solar panels, therefor I need it.

    Other recipe, for example Industrial grinder, is accesible/showable and machine also work fine.

    Sorry from my english.

    Thank you for rewrite old GregTech to 1.7.10, this version is better for me than new one. Now new version is to complicated. Once more thanks.

    Best regards Malch