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    I understand that you can find the latest builds here. I am a computer programmer, but not everyone else is. The "suggestion" posed here is: news releases, press releases, or whatever. Somewhere on one of the three major sites (forum, wiki, blog) post that 1.5.1 is stable enough to uses and has these bugs: 1., 2., 3., ...
    Because quite honestly, that is news to me!
    But if I don't know which specific bugs I'm going to encounter, is it worth it for me to upgrade from fully stable version?
    I guess my biggest frustration is that horses are over the horizon, and I might have to choose one day between horses and automatic miners, and I don't want to wait for two months again just to still be waiting.
    So please, O' Gracious Developers, come out of the locked factory doors and address the general public! We beg of thee!

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    Somewhere in the forum or the wiki or the blog, could the devs post news from the information black hole?
    I'm the patient type, so everyday I check the forum, the blog, and the wiki for anything, or any sign of anything.
    I enjoy Mojang AB's snapshot system at minecraftwiki where it kind of gives a weekly view at what's coming up next.
    We've all been waiting for months to put quartz in our IC2 maps, and now they're coming out with horses?!
    I'm not saying hurry up.
    I'm not asking for a release date.
    All I'm asking for is a news thread or a blog post. something once every fortnight or so saying, "hey...we're not dead!"
    If Majong comes out with 1.6.1 and the latest fully stable is still 1.4.5, I might have to jump ship.
    And it's not out of spite, we're just not being informed enough to make educated choices.
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