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    You should try the TechNode server.
    It's run by AnodeCathode (who frequents this forum), it has a lot of mainstream mods in a hardcore style. The mod pack is TechNode on the ATLauncher.

    Thanks! Sad thing is, theres no such modpack in ATlauncher itself, but its listed on their website + server is down.

    Im really sad, cant play minecraft with mods, everything broken and offline
    :S :S

    Hey hey everyone!

    Im really tired of maintaing self-hosted server for friends, who are tired with all update-the-freaking-mod-oh-its-stopped-working thing.

    Do you have own ic2 server i can play on with you?
    Im not crash and destroy kind of person, making some in-game machines is what im after.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: really looking for GT server, not IC2 only.

    Greg im your huge fan :)

    that was fast!)

    Thanks a lot! [b]


    Sad to hear that uranium rods are being deprecated.

    Does that whole IC reactor reboot? Or no reactors in future?

    P.S. GT autocanning machine gives me Fisson uranium rods for Atomic Science mod reactor.


    Soo, i'm on 1.6.2 and got stable and nice server w/Gregtech.

    Only reason of concern is uranium and thorium fuel rods.

    No way i can make them and nei plugins doesn't support it yet. Can someone tell me how to make them?

    GregTech Latest

    Other mods on server.

    Tried deleting almost everything, but problem was with OptiFine.

    Dunno if theres any working version out there, but without its working perfectly.

    Thanx for help, hope this will help someone too.


    every version of optifine without hd fonts work

    Hi everyone! I love gregtech mod,but here is some problem i really can't deal with.

    Runnuing 1.5.1 server with forge and get this:

    Tried running on spigot 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 with compat mode, no luck.

    Worst thing is that in solo mode its ok,and i can see interface alright.

    Any advice? matter fabrikator without progress bar is ok,but aesu without it is unusable MinecraftCreeper )

    Thanx in advance.

    P.S. Sorry if wrong section, tried my best to find similar problem discussed.