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    Sorry, this is probably a dumb question, but I just decided to try Gregtech 6 and I can't even make a vanilla furnace work. I crafted it from stones and fire starter, but I have no idea how to use it. It does not work automatically, when I put items into it and right clicking on the furnace with fire starter or flint-n-tinder basically ignites ground around the furnace, not the furnace itself.

    Don't you think, that having teleporters, nukes, fusion reactors and still killing wildlife with swords and bows is kinda... illogical. Are there any plans to implement guns?

    And if you think, that mobs are quite easy to kill already, then it is possible to add deserted high-tech vaults into the game made from advanced materials with stronger than average enemies (like robots and centry drones) and good gregtech-specific loot in chests or safes.

    I recently installed Biomes of Plenty mod, so I wonder if Gregtech is compatible with this one. I believe, there are some resources in GT which are linked to some particular bioms, like Bauxite Ore, Saphires and Emeralds and do not spawn anywhere else. Since BoP adds around 60 new biomes, vanilla bioms become quite rare and hard to find. So the question - is there any support for these new bioms or mentioned resourses become very rare with BoP as well.

    Suggestion for Gregtech:

    New items: Collector's stands

    I wonder if it is possible to add special chests with dedicated slots for certain ingame items. Each slot may only accept one of every particular item (or stack of 64 for advanced version), which goes directly into a dedicated slot for this item. For example, the player can put into a collector's stand a sample of each type of gregtech dusts and can see what dusts he did not obtain yet.

    Collector's stand: dusts & Advanced Collector's stand: dusts
    Collector's stand: ingots & Advanced Collector's stand: ingots
    Collector's stand: cells & Advanced Collector's stand: cells
    Collector's stand: gems & Advanced Collector's stand: gems
    Collector's stand: tools
    Collector's stand: armor
    Collector's stand: weapons
    Collector's stand: tech components
    Collector's stand: books
    Collector's stand: disks

    Obviously when new items are added into the mod, then a corresponding collector's stand should be updated as well.
    If a certain collector's stand is fully completed, then an achievement may be added to achievement system.

    PS: New goal for players is never a bad thing.

    Actually you can craft an ender dragon egg from a chicken egg and an eye of ender as soon as you reach exp level 1000. Your levels will be spent in process though. :)

    Alternatively there is a very low chance of dragon spawning if you drop a chicken egg and crash it... Just make sure that there is enough space above for a dragon to spawn. :P

    Really?! Redstone centrifuging anyone? 1 redstone ore = 10 redstone = 1 ruby.
    Now try to persuade me that 1 redstone ore = 1 diamond.

    You are right, but you are wrong. Even though a single ruby dust is easier to get, you will face ruby shortage before diamond shortage, since huge amount of redstone will be spent on chrome production, while diamonds are not needed for any endgame materials.

    Suggestion for Gregtech:

    New item: security terminal & security camera

    These two blocks should be linked by a standard frequency method (used in teleporters for example). Once they are linked the player can use a security terminal to change his point of view to camera's location (with ability to rotate POV, but he should not be able to move and interact with items obviously). More importantly cameras may be turned on/off from the linked terminal. Turned on camera works like a chunk loader, which keeps the area around the camera working even without players presence around the camera or terminal.

    While a Fusion reactor gives a lot of energy, such amount is not really needed for anything. I think that energy plant should be a tool, not a goal. Are there any plans to add some post fusion content, like building a spaceship or something like this.

    What the plans for further development, anyway? Which way the mod is going to be improved.

    Clear out a block behind the machine, so that the hole for the steam to escape once it has been used is not covered, then the machine should start working again. You do not need pipes here, just empty space, as the steam, once used, needs to escape from the machine.

    Hmmm... You are right. The block behind my steam machine is not empty indeed. I'll try it. Thanks. I expected, that it is a known thing. Not sure about adv. macerator though. It is not steam powered. However, I did not try adv.macerator on the latest version, only withnessed it on an old release, where there was no steam at all, but maybe the block behind it should be empty for some other reason.

    I wonder if it is possible to add a description button to interface panel of some machines to explain such things. I know there are manuals and also information in a computer, but these are difficult to find/create. If I made a machine myself, I am supposed to know how it works right away, yes?

    Just started using Greg Tech and I thought I would love it but I feel like everything is a damn circle. I already had the simple machines from IC2 and I'm trying to move to the "Industrial" ones. Took forever to find nickel but after I finally found it I decided to make an Industrial Grinder, then figured out you can't make it without tungsten which needs an industrial blast furnace, okay I'll make that first which needs cupronickel heating coil made by a wiremill and apparently the wiremill needs brass which can only be made by an Alloy Smelter which needs a cupronickel heating coil bringing me back to the wiremill? Am I missing something here?

    Unless something was changed in the latest updates (my version is not exactly new) you do not need an Alloy Smelter to make brass. Macerate copper and zinc ingots back into dusts, merge dusts manually (in crafting table or even in character's own hands) in 3:1 ratio into a brass dust, then just smelt it into ingots in any furnace you want.

    I believe, you can use diamond grinders instead of tungsten ones, but diamond grinders require an industrial blast furnace (for steel) as well, so it is not a solution for you anyway.

    you yourself are at fault for being too lazy to read things.

    :)))) Wrong.I am not one, who asked for the link. I found it without extenral help and read everything here several days ago, when I installed this mod. You got me confused with someone else. My complain was not about the link. It was about that "stupid" title.

    var text.sarcasm = true;
    I'm sure when I found out about IC2 and GregTech I didn't look up some summary of it and I downloaded the mods and installed them immediately.

    text.sarcasm = false;

    No-no, thats not right. I did not say one actually have to download it. Just make sure its downloadable. Then read inforamation. Then download, if he likes it.

    Do not get me wrong, I really respect all work GregoriusT did. Its a great mod! I know some people do not like it for making things harder, but this is exactly what I like in this mod. Sense of progression and planning and resource management. The only problem with it, that its the pain to find out some information about it. And when I find it, it often is out of date.

    NEI is fine, but it is an external application and may become unsupported anytime. What you guys will do then? Besides some mods in Minecraft are pain to install. Minecraft has the WORST mod installing method of all games I ever saw. In some cases I have to unpack game files and manually add new content in the archive. Its a nonsense. In fact most games forbid this in their licence agreement. Thats not Gregs fault of course.