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    "Download" was mentioned in the title of the spoiler in big letters.

    I am pretty sure, it was not there initially. So its appearance there is kinda rude.


    There is NO such a thing. At least, you may have seen a wiki, which is outdated, because the one who started it gave it up.

    Oh, did not know it. Ok, so there is no place to get fresh info, apart from installing some 3-rd party mod.

    You may have a reason to hide the link. But you do not have a reason to call people stupid for this.

    Well, its just my opinion. I like this mod anyway.

    PS. If you are so keen about people reading stuff, then it would be nice at least to keep it up to date. Before asking about steel ingot recipe this morning, I searched at your official site and it states, that the steel ingot recipe requires an iron dust and 2 coal dusts, which is wrong.

    Guys, could you please help me with a noob question. I can't smelt steel ingots on 1.5.2 for some reason. I am pretty sure, that my industrial blast furnace setup is correct since I am able to smelt a silicon plate from two silicon cells with it (current heat capacity is 1520 = standard casing with lava). But when I am trying to use it with Iron dust and 2 Coal dusts it does nothing. How to smelt it?

    I know it is probably present in NEI, but I have problems with installing it, so could you please be patient and just tell me how to smelt steel? Apart from IC2 and GregTech I only use Buildcraft and CraftGuide. I did not change default configuration for GregTech.